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University Services

As a student at Georgia State Law there are a number of university services that are available to you. Here is information on several of them.

Counseling Center

The Division of Student Affairs maintains a Counseling and Testing Center in the Citizen’s Trust Building on Piedmont Avenue. Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services, the center provides a wide range of counseling, testing, psychiatric and holistic health services to support students as they work to reach their educational goals. Counseling Services include individual and group counseling, outreach services and a mind-body program, which focuses on relaxation, stress management and physical health. More.

Financial aid

Educational funding is available from federal, state, university and private resources. To receive aid you must apply and qualify for financial aid. More.


University Housing provides dormitories, lofts and family apartments on-campus for eligible students. More.

Dining and meal plans

PantherDining offers a variety of nutritional and convenient dining options in dorm buildings and throughout campus. More.

Parking and transportation

Numerous parking lots and decks are available on-campus. Auxiliary Services sells monthly unlimited parking permits and pay-as-you-go “Budget Cards.” Discounted monthly MARTA and GRTA cards are also available. More.

Police and public safety

The university’s Police Department helps provide a safe and secure environment throughout campus and the downtown area. Review our tips to stay safe on campus. More.


The Student Recreation Center manages three facilities in Atlanta: the main center, located just across the street from the College of Law, the Indian Creek Recreation Area and Panthersville Recreation Complex. The facilities offer more than 150 unique programs each semester, including intramurals, sport clubs, aerobics, personal training, outdoor trips and aquatic activities. More.