Gabel on PBS Nova

Associate Professor Jessica Gabel appeared on PBS science series NOVA on Oct. 17.

The episode featuring Gabel, titled “Forensics on Trial,” investigates recent criticisms of forensic science and methods long thought to be foolproof, such as drawing decisive evidence from fingerprints, ballistics and tire marks. Many common practices, Gabel says, are grounded more in assumptions… more »

Faculty Roundup: Segall, Rowberry, Heled

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Segall on HuffPost Live Rowberry to deliver Constitution Day keynote address in Louisiana Heled Selected for IP Workshop in December Eric Segall on HuffPost Live

On Sept. 10, Professor Eric Segall appeared on HuffPost Live with Kentucky Sen. Dr. Rand Paul, who was publicizing his new… more »

The Legacy of Eugenics

ATLANTA — As North Carolina considers becoming the first state to make financial amends to victims of state-sanctioned sterilization, Georgia State University College of Law Professor Paul Lombardo has become a much sought-after expert on the legal history of eugenics. Lombardo has been called on by numerous media in recent days, including the BBC News, the Associated Pressmore »

Milich Writes Op-Ed on Evidence Code

ATLANTA — Georgia’s recent adoption of new evidence rules is good news for everyone, Georgia State University College of Law Professor Paul S. Milich writes in an opinion piece recently published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“The rules of evidence control what facts can and cannot be admitted at trial and tell judges… more »

Georgia Abortion Bill Violates Privacy Rights

ATLANTA—A bill filed last week in Georgia that would make it a felony to solicit or coerce a woman to have an abortion based on the race, color or sex of a fetus or parent violates the First Amendment rights of clinics as well as women’s rights to privacy, according to Georgia State University College of Law Professor more »

Hogue Op-Ed on Obama’s First Year

ATLANTA—Georgia State University College of Law Professor L. Lynn Hogue was one of four scholars asked recently by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to share their views on what President Barack Obama must do to ensure his first term is a success.

Below is the text of the piece, which was published in the January 17 edition… more »