Christina Cribbs Works to Right Wrongful Convictions

Christina Cribbs (J.D. ’10) knows the scales of justice rise … and fall. In 2009, while interning at the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP), Cribbs exited the Fulton County Jail beside Michael Marshall, a man she helped free from a wrongful conviction.

More recently, Cribbs lamented a lab report that found no DNA evidence on tested… more »

Aimee Maxwell (M.Ed. ’83, J.D. ’87) Receives Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award

“Public service involves making a choice to embrace the needs of others at some sacrifice to oneself and in Aimee Maxwell we honor someone who made such a choice,” said Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law at the the 2016 Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award ceremony… more »

Aimee Maxwell (J.D. '87)

Maxwell To Receive the 2016 Johnson Public Service Award

In the fourth grade, Aimee Maxwell (M.Ed. ’83, J.D. ’87) realized her purpose in life: She wanted to ‘save the world.’

“The world turned out to be a bit bigger than I thought it was when I was 9,” she said. So as she grew older, she found a more direct way to channel her… more »

Who Killed Donna Brown? Cino and Students Investigate Old Murder Case

DNA Evidence, Witnesses Recanting and Possible Corruption In South Georgia Town Explored in Upcoming ‘Conviction’ Podcast About Case

Who killed Donna Brown?

DNA Evidence Should Matter, Cino Says

“It’s almost unimaginable that in this day and age where DNA has become such a pivotal point in solving crimes that the DNA in this case… more »

Georgia Innocence Project Offering Real-World Lessons

Externs Explore Effects of Overburdened Criminal Justice System

Kylie Jones (J.D. ’17) and Karyn Pagnotta (J.D. ’17) sift through stacks of letters from Georgia inmates—some new, some over a decade old. Many claim innocence of the crimes they were convicted of —murder, sexual assault, burglary. Some complain about conditions in prison.

Boxes of evidence and… more »

Kylie Jones (J.D. '17)

Learning To Think Like an Investigator

Real World Lessons

Reading through the case files as an extern with the Georgia Innocence Project has been an eye-opening experience. Read more>>

The externship with the Georgia Innocence Project is teaching Kylie Jones (J.D. ’17) that being a lawyer in a criminal case… more »

Daniels (J.D./M.P.A. ’15) on Helping to Exonerate the Innocent

Niaa Daniels (J.D./M.P.A. ’15) is driven to fulfill her dreams. That’s why, at age 16, she took an unpaid internship in a courtroom and then graduated a year early from college. It’s what led her to move from New York to law school in Atlanta, by herself with “a prayer and some clothes in a… more »

Student Story: Exonerating the Innocent

My PILA Fellowship Experience

by Lindsay Anglin

After hearing the executive director of the Georgia Innocence Project speak about her work at a Public Interest Law Association career panel last fall, I knew I wanted to assist the project in its mission to use DNA evidence to free those unjustly incarcerated in Georgia… more »

Christina Rupp Receives Scholarship to Georgia Innocence Project

ATLANTA – Georgia State University College of Law student Christina Rupp (J.D. ’10) is the 2009 recipient of the Leeza Cherniak Memorial Scholarship to the Georgia Innocence Project (GIP).

Rupp will serve this summer as a senior intern at GIP. She has volunteered and served as an intern for more than a year at the… more »