Justin Leef (J.D./M.P.A. ’17): Taking Initiative to Save Lives

Justin Leef (J.D./M.P.A. ’17) recently learned of an alternative understanding of the Latin legal phrase sua sponte: “take the initiative.” His interpretation is that “if you see a problem that matters to you, tactfully take the initiative and work hard toward a solution.”

During his first year of law school, Leef did just that. He introduced… more »

From Law School to Georgia General Assembly, Sam Park (B.A./B.S. ’09, J.D. ’13)

In November, Sam Park (B.A.’09, B.S.’09, J.D. ’13), who is Asian-American, made history by becoming the first openly gay man elected to the Georgia General Assembly for District 101.

“I believe the content of one’s character matters more than one’s race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation,” Park said. “I won my race not because… more »

Seeking Justice: Unlikely Partnership Yields New Law to Save Lives

Robin Elliott often tells the story of how her son, Zack, died, but it never gets easier. Each time, she relives how her 21-year-old son was found dead in the backseat of a car, because his friends were too afraid to call 911 when he overdosed.

Because they were high, his friends didn’t stop at… more »

Milich Helps Draft New Evidence Code

ATLANTA – To his great satisfaction, Georgia State University College of Law Professor Paul Milich will no longer need to stop in the middle of his evidence class to explain why the rules are different in the Peach State.

As a reporter for the State Bar of Georgia’s Evidence Study Committee, Milich has worked for… more »

Taking the Classroom to the Capitol

ATLANTA –  Sylvia B. Caley, Assistant Clinical Professor and co-Director of the HeLP Legal Services Clinic, offers law students the unique opportunity to research and draft legislation for real clients to help them solve real problems. Students also support their not-for-profit client organizations in seeking sponsors in the Georgia General… more »

Brian Thomas: Legislature to Law School

ATLANTA — The life of a Georgia State law student can be hectic enough between classes, clubs, and other academic commitments. Imagine adding a family, a full-time job, and a seat in the Georgia General Assembly into the mix.

For Brian Thomas, a second-year law student in the part-time program, it is all in a… more »