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Family Law Society


The organization is dedicated to creating awareness about legal issues relating to family law including but not limited to traditional families, mixed families, marriages, divorces, adoptions, domestic violence, family courts, and attorneys. Our primary focus is on the unique role of the legal profession within a societal context. The organization will create awareness through the creation and incorporation of educational materials, speakers, and affiliations with other organizations. Members will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the various family law topics and interact with legal professionals in dealing with family law.

President William
- william­ @ ­
Vice President Brittne Ballenger
- bballenger3­ @ ­
Treasurer Brittne Ballenger - Interim
- bballenger3­ @ ­
Secretary Sharon Connor
- connords­ @ ­
Event Coordinator Alecia McFarlane
- amcfarlane1­ @ ­


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