2013-2014 SBA Board

Executive Officers

Michelli Rivera

Michelli Rivera


Email: Michelli.Riverayahoo.com





 Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Vice President

Email: browct1gmail.com





 Andrew Barksdale

Andrew Barksdale,


Email: abarksdale1student.gsu.edu





  AJ Rosa


AJ Rosa,


Email: arosa1student.gsu.edu







3L Senators





Soha Sohrabian

3L Full-Time Senator

Email: ssohrabian1@student.gsu.edu




Stephen Adams

3L Part-Time Senator

Email: sadams47­@student.gsu.edu




Haley Hancock

3L Senator-At-Large

Email: haleyjhancock@gmail.com








2L Senators




Jeff Anderson

2L Full-Time Senator

Email: janderson83­@student.gsu.edu




Gus Aleman

2L Part-Time Senator

Email: galeman26@gmail.com




Addison Perry

2L Senator-At-Large

Email: aperry40­@student.gsu.edu








1L Senators



Kimmia Salehi

1L Full-Time Senator

Email: kimmiasagmail.com



Darlene Childers

1L Part-Time Senator

Email: vchilders1­@student.gsu.edu

 Quinn Kane

1L Senator-At-Large

Email: lkane2­@student.gsu.edu

Student Government Association Senators

The Student Government Association ("SGA") has two representatives that serve as Senators from the College of Law. SGA elections are held in the spring of every year.





                                 Joe Estenes

                                SGA Senator

                            Email: jestenes1student.gsu.edu




Pierce Hand

                                   SGA Senator

                               Email: phand2student.gsu.edu







For more information on the SGA please visit: http://sga.gsu.edu/

Student Bar Association Elections

Elections for first year students takes place in September. All other SBA Elections are held late March - early April.