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William A. Gregory

Professor of Law Emeritus

J.D., Harvard Law School
M.A.,University of Michigan
B.A., cum laude, Case Western Reserve University
B.A., Georgia State Univesrity


William A. Gregory, professor of law emeritus, teaches Agency & Partnership, Corporations, Securities Regulation, and Bankruptcy. He practiced several years in Los Angeles before beginning his teaching career at the University of Tulsa. He was a visiting professor at St. Mary’s Law School. He taught for five years at Southern Illinois University. He has been teaching at Georgia State since 1983.

Gregory is admitted to the State Bar of Georgia. He graduated cum laude (B.A. 1965) from Case Western Reserve University (history) and then obtained a (M.A.1966) (history) from the University of Michigan. Subsequently, he (with Rennard Strickland) published his research in Hugo Black’s Congressional Investigation of Lobbying and the Public Utilities Holding Company Act: A Historical View of the Power Trust, New Deal Politics, and Regulatory Propaganda, 29 Okla.L.Rev. 543(1976).

Gregory graduated from Harvard Law School (J.D. 1969), where he was president of the Journal of Legislation/Student Legislative Research Bureau. While a professor at Georgia State, he earned a B.A in German(1989). This degree became useful when he participated in Georgia State Law’s Summer Program in Linz, Austria. He taught in the Summer Program at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania in 2003 and 2004.

Gregory was the founding chair of the Section of Agency, Partnership LLC’s, and Unincorporated Associations, AALS. He was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1991. His books are: Gregory, Law of Agency & Partnership, West Group, 3d Ed. (2001); Gregory & Hurst, Case on Unincorporated Business Association, 2d Ed. West Group(2002), and Hurst & Gregory, Cases on Corporations, Anderson Publishing Company (1999). The second edition of Cases on Corporations was published in 2005 by Lexis-Nexis/Matthew Bender.

His articles include: “Stock Transfer Restrictions in Close Corporations,” 1978 So.Ill. Univ. L. Rev. 477(1979); “Securities Arbitration: A Need for Continued Reform” (with Schneider) 17 Nova L. Rev. 1223(1993); and “The Fiduciary Duty of Care: A Perversion of Words,” Akron L.Rev.(2005)

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