Ely G. Abbott Assistant Dean of Development
Kinda Abdus-Saboor Lecturer
Windsor Adams Lecturer
W. Edward “Ted” Afield Associate Clinical Professor and Director
Charlotte Alexander Associate Professor
John F. Allgood Adjunct Faculty
Courtney Anderson Associate Professor of Law ,
Carolina Antonini (J.D. ’96) Adjunct Faculty
Hulett H. “Bucky” Askew Professor ,
Tracey Barbaree Adjunct Faculty
Shantay Bennett Assistant Director of Admissions
Roberta Marie Berry Faculty Fellow ,
Solika Bigby Business Affairs Coordinator
Saundra Blalock Administrative Coordinator
Tina Blanks Human Resources Coordinator
Ronald W. Blasi Mark and Evelyn Trammell Professor of Law and Tax Clinic Director
Lisa Radtke Bliss Clinical Professor, Associate Dean of Experiential Education and Clinical Programs, Co-Director of HeLP Legal Services Clinic , ,
Amy Bogartz (J.D. ’97) Adjunct Faculty
Megan E. Boyd Instructor
Pamela C. Brannon Coordinator of Faculty Services
Cassady V. “Cass” Brewer Associate Professor of Law
Jeffrey H. Brickman Adjunct Faculty
Stephen B. Bright Professor
James “Jim” Bross Professor of Law Emeritus
Mark E. Budnitz Professor of Law Emeritus
Kathleen Burch Adjunct Faculty
Jill Burdo Instructional Designer
Joseph F. Burford Adjunct Faculty
Madison Burnett (J.D. ’09) Adjunct Faculty
Jeremy Burnette (J.D. ’05) Adjunct Faculty
Meg Butler Associate Director for Public Services
Karen Butler Administrative Coordinator, Sr.
Sylvia B. Caley (M.B.A. ’86, J.D. ’89) Clinical Professor, Director of Health Law Partnership and Co-Director of HeLP Legal Services Clinic ,
Summer Chandler Visiting Assistant Professor
Jennifer G. Chiovaro (J.D. ’85) Sr. Lecturer
Jessica Gabel Cino Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Full Professor of Law ,
Craig Cleland (J.D. ’92) Adjunct Faculty
Caren Cloud Adjunct Faculty
John T. Cooper Adjunct Faculty
Russell D. Covey Professor of Law
Marilyn Crouch (B.S.W. ’91) Associate Registrar
Clark D. Cunningham Professor and W. Lee Burge Chair of Law and Ethics ,
Andrea A. Curcio Professor of Law
Kimberly Williams D’Haene Director of Academic Success
Jeffrey W. Davis Adjunct Faculty
Richard H. Deane Adjunct Faculty
Kean J. DeCarlo (J.D. ’97) Adjunct Faculty
Chinmaya Desai PC System Specialist
Jeffrey D. Diamond Adjunct Faculty
Linda DiSantis (J.D. ’88) Adjunct Faculty
Brandy O. Domengeaux Instructor
Samuel A. Donaldson Professor
Diadra Dorsey Administrative Specialist-Managerial ,
Jason R. Doss Adjunct Faculty
George E. Duncan Adjunct Faculty
Vickie Dye Director of Law Special Events
William A. Edmundson Regents Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy
Anne S. Emanuel Emeritus
Stacey L. Evans (B.A. ’02) Managing Editor and Assistant Director
Ilene Ferenczy (J.D. ’02) Adjunct Faculty
Kirk Fjelstul Adjunct Faculty
Nick Fomin Director of Conference and Event Services
Jaya Franklin Associate Director of Communications
Erin C. Fuse Brown Associate Professor
Dawn Gamadanis Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance
Jonathan Germann Digital Services Librarian
Marjorie L. Girth Professor of Law Emerita
Mark Goldfeder Adjunct Faculty
Sherri Grady Administrative Coordinator, Sr. Tech Services
Roxanne Greeson Instructional Designer
William A. Gregory Professor of Law Emeritus
Shelby Grubbs Executive Director and Adjunct Professor
Yaniv Heled Associate Professor of Law, Co-Director, Center for Intellectual Property Law ,
Richard W. Hendrix Adjunct Faculty
Wendy F. Hensel Dean and Professor of Law
Matt Hilferty Media Services Coordinator
Keith Hill Facilities Coordinator, Library
L. Lynn Hogue Professor of Law Emeritus
Trina Holloway Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
Anne Hopkins Director of Development
David Hungeling (J.D. ’00)
Jimmy Hurt (J.D. ’03) Adjunct Faculty
Nicole G. Iannarone Associate Clinical Professor
Mignon Jackson-Jones (B.B.A. ’91) Business Manager III
Christianna Jarvis Assistant to the Dean
Maria Johnson Administrative Coordinator
Samantha R. Johnson (J.D. ’03)
Karen Johnston (J.D. ’08) Assistant Director
Julian C. Juergensmeyer Ben F. Johnson Jr. Chair in Law and Director
Steven J. Kaminshine Professor
Trisha Kanan Senior Lecturer of Law
Kendall L. Kerew Assistant Clinical Professor and Director, Externship Program
Stacie Kershner (J.D. ’08) Associate Director, Center for Law Health and Society
Patricia A. Killingsworth Adjunct Faculty
Cary S. King (B.A. ’63)
Neil J. Kinkopf Professor of Law
Lyn Rogers Knapp Senior Director
Marjorie F. Knowles Professor of Law Emerita
Jeffrey R. Kuester (J.D. ’93) Adjunct Faculty
Carolyn Lambert Director of Programs
Michael B. Landau Professor of Law
E. R. Lanier Professor of Law Emeritus
Sarah Lathrop (J.D. ’13) Assistant Director of Admissions
Lucretia Leigh Assistant to the Registrar
Robert Nelson Leitch Adjunct Faculty
Tameka Lester Assistant Clinical Professor
Valencia Lewis (B.S. ’02) Business Manager I
Carl Lietz Adjunct Faculty
Paul A. Lombardo Regents' Professor and Bobby Lee Cook Professor of Law
Anjelica Lymon (B.S. ’93, B.A. ’08) College Human Resources Officer
Timothy D. Lytton Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development; Distinguished University Professor & Professor of Law
Lauren MacIvor Thompson Visiting Professor
Samir Majmundar IT Manager
Terrance K. Manion (J.D. ’03) Director of Information Technology and Librarian ,
Robert P. Marcovitch Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Marschalk (J.D. ’98) Adjunct Faculty
John Travis Marshall Assistant Professor of Law
Jim Martin Adjunct Faculty
Basil H. Mattingly Associate Professor of Law
Amy McCarthy (J.D. ’02) Director
Monique McCarthy Senior Director of Admissions
Yves McKenzie Staff Assistant
Darcy Meals Assistant Director
Margaret Middleton Assistant Clinical Professor
Stevan Miller Adjunct Faculty
James “Jimmy” Mitchell Clinical supervising attorney and Adjunct Professor ,
Jenny K. Mittelman Adjunct Faculty
Josh Moore Adjunct Faulty
Bruce H. Morris Adjunct Faculty
Caren Morrison Associate Professor
John Moss (J.D. ’91) Adjunct Faculty
Kristina L. Niedringhaus Associate Dean of Library and Information Services and Associate Professor
Christine Nwakamma Administrative Coordinator
Angelia O’Neal Senior Administrative Specialist
Mariana Pannell Administrative Specialist-Managerial ,
Patrick Parsons Research Instructional Services Librarian
Patti L. Pearlberg (J.D. ’04) Adjunct Faculty
Cindy Perry Administrative Specialist, Sr.
Keith A. Pittman Adjunct Faculty
William Marion Poole Adjunct Faculty
Jason N. Poulos (B.S. ’92, J.D. ’97) Adjunct Faculty
Bonnie O. Powell (J.D. ’99) Adjunct Professor of Law ,
Mary F. Radford Professor of Law
Michael G. Regas II (J.D. ’91) Instructor
Bonnie M. Rich (J.D. ’94) Assistant Director ,
Tiffany Williams Roberts (J.D. ’08) Deputy Director
Kim H. Roeder Adjunct Faculty
Sheila Ross (B.A. ’93) Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Rowberry Associate Professor
Cliffornia Royals Pryor Admissions Coordinator III
David Rutland Library Associate I
Natsu Taylor Saito Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law
Donald Franklin Samuel Adjunct Faculty
Charity Scott Catherine C. Henson Professor of Law , ,
Eric J. Segall Kathy and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Law
Nirej Sekhon Associate Professor
Suhail Seth Adjunct Faculty
Tina Shah Adjunct Faculty
Fawn She Library Associate II
Steve Shewmaker (J.D. ’05)
Patty Shewmaker (J.D. ’08) GSU Law Volunteer Clinic for Veterans Volunteer
D. Brian Shortell Adjunct Faculty
Bobby Sikri PC Systems Specialist Intermediate
Robin Simpson Administrative Assistant
York Singleton Facilities Coordinator
Heather Kern Slovensky Instructor of Law
Roy M. Sobelson Professor of Law and Director of the LL.M. Program
Trent Speckhals (J.D. ’93) Adjunct Faculty
Corneill A. Stephens Director of
Jacqueline Stephenson Dean's Office Administrator
Charla Strawser Adjunct Instructor
Lauren Sudeall Associate Professor
Brandon R. Taylor (M.P.A. ’04, J.D. ’05) Adjunct Faculty
Ellen Taylor Associate Professor of Law
Christine Thomas (B.A.’10, B.A.’11) Event Services Coordinator
Christopher W. Timmons Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Cahill Timmons Associate Professor
Jonathan Todres Professor of Law
Joseph A. Tomain Professor
Yolanda Travis PC Systems Specialist
Anne Tucker Associate Professor of Law
Renata Deann Turner Adjunct Faculty
Michaela Vanisova Barnes Administrative Coordinator
Margaret Hughes Vath Sr. Lecturer
Jennifer Victor (J.D. ’94) Adjunct Faculty
Amy K. Waggoner (J.D. ’95) Adjunct Faculty
Ken Walsh (B.B.A. ’94) Director, Administrative Services
Tanya Monique Washington Professor of Law
Richard “Rusty” Watts Adjunct Faculty
Gerry Weber Adjunct Faculty
Robert Weber Associate Professor of Law
Sidney S. Welch Adjunct Faculty
Harold Alan Weston Associate Clinical Professor
Juanita Wheeler Library Technical Assistant
Jack F. Williams Professor of Law
Patrick Wiseman Professor of Law
Amanda Witt Adjunct Faculty
Leslie E. Wolf Professor of Law & Distinguished University Professor
Thad F. Woody Adjunct Faculty
Douglas H. Yarn Professor of Law and Director
Patricia J. Zettler Associate Professor
Norman Zoller