Law Week 2016

Law Week 2016

Law Matters 2016

Lucy Zhang (J.D. '16)

It Gives Everyone An Equal Opportunity.

Lucy Zhang (J.D. ’16), law clerk at Cohen, Cooper, Estep & Allen LLC, where she works on tax controversy… more »

Hope Peterson (J.D. '17)

It’s Our Opportunity to Ensure the Rules are Built Upon Principles of Integrity.

The law is a system of rules that changes… more »

Lucy Aquino (J.D. '16)

It Touches Each and Every One Of Us.

Lucy Aquino (J.D. ’16), is a privacy consultant for State Farm Insurance, and a member of… more »

Malissa Patel (J.D. '18)

It Ensures Justice for All.

The law is what ensures justice for all. It helps create and maintain structure within our society.… more »

Meaghan Frankish (J.D. '16)

People Become Victims Everyday.

Meaghan Frankish (J.D. ’16), is a judicial assistant for Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua (J.D. ’87) at Fulton County Superior Court,… more »

Manoj Mishra (J.D. ‘02)

Manoj Mishra (J.D. ‘02)

Great Lawyers Can Change the World.

Manoj Mishra (J.D. ’02), director of field operations and strategic deals for North American and European Financial Institutions… more »

David Douds (J.D. '16)

David Douds (J.D. '16)

Everyone Deserves a Fair Trial.

David Douds (J.D. ’16), vice president of the Oglethorpe Legal Society, is completing an externship with Justice Robert Benham… more »

Christine Lee (J.D. '16)

Christine Lee (J.D. '16)

It Serves as the Great Equalizer.

The law is not perfect and I know there are many populations of American citizens who… more »

Sasan Nemat (J.D. '16)

It lays out the duties and rights of a person, which enables a society to follow a democratic process and reach collective prosperity.

Law sets… more »

Nicole Henderson (J.D./M.S.H.A. '17)

It Enhances People’s Quality of Life.

Nicole Henderson (J.D./M.S.H.A.‘17), is a Health Law Certificate student, president of the Black Law Students Association and a… more »

Keynote Address 2016

Judge López: Your Professional Reputation Starts in Law School

Judge Dax Lopez

“In law school, your professional reputation has already started,” Judge Dax Lopez said. “How you manage and protect it and craft it and preserve your reputation is up to you.”

Doing good should permeate your entire legal career, said DeKalb County State Court Judge Dax López during the Student Bar Association keynote Wednesday during Law Week 2016.

López shared advice drawn from his extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. “When you start your career, you have to do such a good job that people cannot ignore you,” he said.

Lawyering is a tough profession; having a good attitude combined with a strong work ethic is the cornerstone of success in the legal field, he said. Students can develop a strong work ethic by volunteering for any opportunity available to them, he said. Learning by doing provides solid skills and will make you stand out.

But the learning doesn’t stop when you graduate. In this career, you always have to be willing to improve, López said. The legal field is constantly changing, which means you should constantly be learning and striving to be better. Read more>>