Legal Analytics & Innovation Initiative

Advances in data science are transforming the study and practice of law. New computational techniques are enabling lawyers and researchers to identify patterns within masses of legal data and unlock insights that were previously buried within thousands of pages of text. The Legal Analytics and Innovation Institute at the College of Law is a hub for computational legal studies, and the application of the latest in data science methodologies to legal questions and problems.

The Initiative coordinates the College’s resources around legal analytics programming and events, courses and curricular offerings, and interdisciplinary research in collaboration with the Legal Analytics Lab at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The Initiative also works with external partners in the legal community to put legal analytics advances into practice, develop new continuous learning opportunities, and share cutting-edge research insights.

Employment Opportunities


Lab faculty, students and corporate partners will use the tools of big data analytics, including text mining, machine learning, image analysis and other methodologies, to produce original research. They also will work with strategic partners, including companies and law firms, to help these organizations uncover predictors within large volumes of data.


Students will have the opportunity to learn law practice technologies like e-discovery and practice management tools, as well as sophisticated analytical tools from both College of Law faculty and affiliated faculty teaching data analytics.

Programming and Events