Veterans Legal Assistance Program

The Georgia State University Veterans Legal Assistance Program provides free legal services to veterans on any Georgia State campus. A partnership among the College of Law, ROTC Department and the Military and Veterans Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, the program and its volunteers will help veterans with most legal issues, including veterans’ benefits, rating and discharge issues, divorce, wills, landlord/tenant issues and others.

College of Law students will assist volunteer attorneys in conducting interviews, counseling veterans and addressing and resolving legal issues. Students will receive pro bono credit and valuable hands-on experience.

Types of Services Provided

  • Disability claims before the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Pension Claims before the Veterans Administration
  • Increased rating claims before the Regional VA Office
  • Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) claims
  • Requests to reopen claims previously denied
  • Applications for discharge upgrade and record correction

  • VA health care and determination of incompetency issues
  • Employment law claims and representation
  • Criminal records
  • Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act issues
  • Domestic matters
  • Various consumer, landlord/tenant and miscellaneous matters

The assistance program may not accept malpractice actions or legal actions against government entities.

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