Prospective Externs

Law student working with a site supervisor
The Externship Program offers second-year and third-year law students an unparalleled opportunity to earn academic credit while gaining practical skills and substantive training in the greater Atlanta legal community. Interested students should carefully review the eligibility and program requirements, as well as the application process on TWEN and the policy memo.

Applications for externship openings are traditionally accepted in late September for spring semester placements and mid-March for summer and fall semester placements. The application process is managed through TWEN.

If you have additional questions about the application process, review our frequently asked questions and contact the Externship Office. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

An externship is a three credit hour Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory class. Students earn academic credit while working outside the law school, with non-profits, government agencies, and judges.

  • Students must work a minimum of 10 hours each week over the course of the fall or spring semester or 20 hours each week during the summer semester (140 hours total).  Many, if not most, students work more than 140 hours because they find they need or want to do so to make the externship experience a valuable one. Students who are heavily involved in numerous activities should seriously consider whether they can accommodate the time commitment an externship requires.
  • As part of the S/U course, in addition to the work they do at their externship site, students must regularly complete academic forms and meet with their assigned faculty supervisor.

All new externship students (students who have not previously completed an externship) are required to take the Externship Seminar, an additional one-credit hour graded class, concurrently with their first externship. In some instances, additional training seminars and/or classes are offered by the externship site.

Students may participate in a total of two semesters of externship course work. Two externships may not be taken simultaneously.

To participate in the Externship Program, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. For fall and spring semester placements: Students must successfully complete first-year required coursework (Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Research Methods, Lawyering Foundations, Property and Torts) prior to the beginning of the externship.
  2. For summer placements: Students must successfully complete first-year, first semester required coursework (Civil Procedure, Contracts, Research Methods, Lawyering Foundations, Property and Torts).  Guest and LL.M. students are not eligible to participate in the program.
  3. Minimum GPA of at least 2.3. First-year students who apply should use mid-year grades as a guideline. Each student’s official GPA will be verified when grades become available.
  4. Satisfaction of any individual requirements of the participating program. Many sites have class standing requirements or course prerequisites. Check individual program descriptions for these requirements.
  5. Previous course credit of no more than four (4) hours or no more than one semester in an externship. Students are limited to two semesters (7 credit hours) in the Externship Program.