Jonathan Todres

Professor Jonathan Todres teaches a health law seminar class.

Georgia State Law provides a traditional yet innovative curriculum that blends theory and practice-based skills. We extensively cover the foundational areas of law with first-year students, while providing elective courses in nearly all aspects of public and private law. Opportunities range from the study of legal philosophy and jurisprudence, to vital skills training through courses in litigation, counseling, negotiation, legal drafting and alternative dispute resolution.

Georgia State Law was founded on the principle that legal education should be available and accessible to every aspiring law practitioner. We strive to provide flexible options for diverse students from all walks of life. This is the only public law school in Georgia that offers a part-time J.D. degree program. The same exceptional faculty teach students in the part-time program as in the full-time program.

Our graduates are sought by employers in law firms, business, government and the public sector for their preparation, tenacity and grit.

Master of Jurisprudence 

Full-Time Program

Our full-time program requires about 15-16 credit hours per term totaling three years of study. Full-time students can earn their degrees within two-and-a-half years if they enroll during summers. The first-year curriculum consists of required courses. Students enjoy numerous elective opportunities in their second and third years, allowing them to focus on their areas of particular interest.

Full-Time Curriculum 

Part-Time Program

About 30 percent of our students are enrolled in this program so they can balance their studies with full-time jobs, families and other commitments. The typical part-time semester load consists of 9-10 credit hours. Part-time students can earn their degrees within four years if they enroll during the summers, but most extend their studies over a period of four-and-a-half to five years.

Part-Time Curriculum