Practice-Based Learning

“What is going to govern my career is the mission and clients first. Whether it’s Legal Aid or plaintiff’s work, being an advocate for people who have been wronged.” Fuery Hocking (J.D. ’15) on his Senior Citizens Law Project externship

Georgia State Law offers an innovative curriculum designed to meet the needs of our students, respond to the challenges of a global economy and reflect the growing reach of technology. We build on the foundational areas of the law with flexible options and elective opportunities that cover almost all aspects of public and private law.

Learning through casebooks and lectures is important. However, to understand a matter and all its nuances, there is no substitute for experiencing it. This is why Georgia State Law offers a range of intentional and practical experiences, including clinics, externships and clinical courses.

Our students apply theories learned in the classroom to the world of practice, representing clients or working with judges on litigation, transactional matters, legal policy and negotiation, mediation and arbitration.