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Georgia State University College of Law
Wendy Cromwell
Director of Communications

(404) 413-9050


Calendar of Events

Wednesday October 9, 2013

Bloomberg Law - Open Memo Training

Noon - 12:50 pm - Room 100
Advanced training and tips for open memo assignment Contact : Lacy Williams


1L Orientation

Noon - 1 pm - Room 140
Mandatory 1L Orientation Contact : Sarah Rodmaker


Supreme Court Series: Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc.

Noon - 1 pm - Room 230
Join us for another supreme court luncheon as Professor Wolf discusses this recent supreme court decision and it's implications for non-profit funding and HIV/AIDS treatment. Lunch will be provided. 

Contact : Kyle Gregory


Nuclear Fusion & Free Market Environmentalism

Noon - 1 pm - Room 170

Free food (not pizza)

Professors John Kunich (author of Betting the Earth:  How We Can Still Win the Biggest Gamble of All Time) & Volokh will discuss issues involving Free-Market Environmentalism. Professor Kunich specifically will talk about how Free-Market Environmentalism could help solve the problems of climate change and our energy crisis in one stroke, specifically through the means of nuclear FUSION (not fission).  He will advocate unleashing the market's power to break us free from our centuries-long dependence on fossil fuels, and getting the government out of the way.

Come hear a great give-and-take! 

Contact : Brett Adams, Federalist Society Secretary


Bloomberg Law Open Memo Training

5 - 5:50 pm - Room 170
Advanced training for open memo assignment Contact : Lacy Williams