Entertainment, Sports & Media Certificate

Atlanta is home to five professional sports teams and a multi-billion entertainment industry. Only a few miles from the College of Law building, you’ll find CNN, State Farm Arena, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the College Football Hall of Fame, EUE Screen Gems Studios and Tyler Perry Studios. As this exciting industry expands, so does the need for legal representation for the myriad artists, entrepreneurs, technicians and stakeholders who work here.

The Entertainment, Sports & Media Certificate offers students an opportunity to specialize in multiple facets of entertainment law while the J.D. program establishes a strong legal foundation through hands-on learning experiences. The Entertainment, Sports, and Media Certificate is a part of the College of Law’s Entertainment, Sports and Media Law Initiative, which was started by Professor Mo Ivory in 2018 to create connections between students and the entertainment community. Through the initiative and certification, law students can develop and grow into competent practitioners in entertainment, sports and media industries.


Students must be in good academic standing, based on the successful completion of the first full year of law study (31 hours), to participate in the certificate program. Students must remain in good standing to continue program participation.


Students can apply for the program as early as the summer semester following their first year of the full-time J.D. program; the summer semester following the second year of a part-time program, or later if the student can complete the program requirements within the J.D. program. Enrolled students can apply by submitting an Entertainment, Sports & Media Certificate Declaration of Interest form to Professor Mo Ivory, director of the Entertainment, Sports & Media Law Initiative.