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Adams, WindsorInstructor of Law
Alexander, CharlotteAssistant Professor of Legal Studies, Department of Risk Management and Insurance and Assistant Professor of Law404-413-7468
Anderson, CourtneyAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9186
Blasi, Ronald W.Mark and Evelyn Trammell Professor of Law and Director of Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic404-413-9172
Bliss, Lisa RadtkeAssociate Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education, Co-Director of HeLP Legal Services Clinic404-413-9131
Brannon, Pamela C.Faculty Services Librarian404-413-9128
Brewer, CassAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9158
Budnitz, Mark E.Professor of Law Emeritus404-413-9155
Butler, MegAssociate Director for Public Services404-413-9142
Caley, Sylvia B.Associate Clinical Professor and Co-Associate Director of HeLP Clinic404-413-9132
Chiovaro, Jennifer G.Instructor of Law404-413-9150
Covey, Russell D.Professor of Law404-413-9182
Cui, QianCatalog Librarian404-413-9121
Cunningham, Clark D.W. Lee Burge Professor of Law and Ethics404-413-9168
Curcio, Andrea A.Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Externship Program404-413-9157
Donaldson, Samuel A.Professor of Law404-413-9190
Edmundson, William A.Regents Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy404-413-9167
Emanuel, Anne S.Professor of Law Emeritus
Fuse Brown, ErinAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9180
Gabel, JessicaAssociate Professor of Law404-413-9196
Girth, Marjorie L.Professor of Law Emeritus
Gregory, William A.Professor of Law Emeritus
Heled, YanivAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9092
Hensel, Wendy F.Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Professor of Law404-413-9148
Hill, Christopher (Chip)Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance404-413-9060
Hogue, L. LynnProfessor of Law Emeritus404-413-9176
Holloway, TrinaAcquisitions/Serials Librarian404-413-9122
Iannarone, Nicole G. Assistant Clinical Professor404-413-9261
Jones, Gregory ToddFaculty Research Fellow and Director of Research, CNCR404-413-9055
Juergensmeyer, Julian C.Professor of Law, Ben F. Johnson Jr., Chair in Law, and Director of Metro Growth Center404-413-9197
Kaminshine, Steven J.Dean and Professor of Law404-413-9035
Kanan, Trisha KathleenInstructor of Law404-413-9151
Kerew, Kendall LynnInstructor of Law and Co-Director of the Externship Program404-413-9153
Kinkopf, Neil J.Professor of Law404-413-9192
Knowles, Marjorie F.Professor of Law404-413-9181
Kuhner, Timothy K.Associate Professor of Law404-413-9262
Landau, Michael B.Professor of Law404-413-9184
Lanier, E. R.Professor of Law Emeritus404-413-9185
Lombardo, Paul A.Bobby Lee Cook Professor of Law404-413-9187
Lucas, Lauren SudeallAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9258
Manion, Terrance K.Director of Information Technology and Librarian404-413-9108
Marshall, John TravisAssistant Professor404-413-9189
Marvin, Charles A.Professor of Law404-413-9186
Mattingly, Basil H.Associate Professor of Law404-413-9170
Milich, Paul S.Professor of Law and Director of the Litigation Program404-413-9177
Morrison, CarenAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9174
Niedringhaus, KristinaAssociate Dean of Library and Information Services and Associate Professor of Law404-413-9140
Radford, Mary F.Marjorie Fine Knowles Professor of Law404-413-9188
Rowberry, Ryan Assistant Professor of Law404-413-9093
Saito, Natsu TaylorProfessor of Law404-413-9156
Schander, Deborah E.Reference/Student Services Librarian404-413-9124
Scott, CharityCatherine C. Henson Professor of Law and Director for the Center for Law, Health & Society404-413-9183
Segall, Eric J.Kathy and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Law404-413-9161
Sekhon, NirejAssistant Professor of Law404-413-9166
Slovensky, Heather KernInstructor of Law404-413-9152
Sobelson, Roy M.Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law404-413-9047
Stephens, Corneill A.Professor of Law404-413-9198
Suski, EmilyAssistant Clinical Professor404-413-9138
Taylor, EllenAssociate Professor of Law404-413-9193
Timmons, Kelly CahillAssociate Dean for Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Law404-413-9195
Todres, JonathanAssociate Professor of Law404-413-9165
Tucker, Anne Assistant Professor of Law404-413-9179
Vath, Margaret HughesInstructor of Law404-413-9154
Washington, Tanya MoniqueAssociate Professor of Law404-413-9160
Williams, AustinReference/Student Services Librarian404-413-9162
Williams, Jack F.Professor of Law404-413-9149
Williams, NikkiInstructor of Law404-413-9159
Wiseman, PatrickProfessor of Law404-413-9163
Wolf, Leslie E.Professor of Law404-413-9164
Yarn, Douglas H.Professor of Law and Director, Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution404-413-9147

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