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Deborah E. Schander

Reference/Student Services Librarian


Works Edited

FCIL Newsletter, (Deborah Schander ed., 2011-). | www

Articles and Other Contributions to Law Reviews and Scholarly Journals

Deborah Schander, Book Review, 41 Int'l J. Legal Info. 400 (2013) (reviewing Law and Society in Korea (Hyunah Yang, ed. 2013)). | Westlaw

Deborah Schander, Book Review, 41 Int'l J. Legal Info. 91 (2013) (reviewing Research Handbook on International Criminal Law(Bartram S. Brown, ed. 2011)).

Deborah Schander, Book Review, 104 L. Libr. J. 176 (2012) (reviewing Gillian Black, Publicity Rights and Image: Exploitation and Legal Control (2011).). | Hein | LexisNexis | Westlaw

Articles and Other Contributions to Non-Academic Publications

Deborah Schander, ALL-SIS Legal Research Skills and Knowledge Roundtable: From the Academy to Practice, ALL-SIS Newsl., Fall 2013, at 8 (conference report).

Deborah Schander, Digital Signage: A New Tool in Your Arsenal of Knowledge, AALL Spectrum, Mar. 2013, at 7. | www

Shira Megerman & Deborah Schander, Religious Observance and the Workplace: Considerations for Employees and Employers, AALL Spectrum, Nov. 2013, at 17. | www

Deborah Schander, Student Advisory Councils: Honing Your Outreach Efforts by Focusing on Your Audience, AALL Spectrum, June 2012, at 7. | www

Deborah Schander, Book Review, Legal Info. Alert, v. 30 no. 1, 2011, at 9 (reviewing Paul Goldstein & Bernt Hugenholtz, International Copyright: Principles, Law, and Practice (2d. ed. 2010).).

Deborah Schander, Research Means..., Southeastern L. Libr., Summer 2006, at 9. | www

Electronic Publications

Austin Williams, et al., Georgia Legal Research - Primary Source Material, Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (2014), available at | www

Deborah Schander, Book Review, AALL Spectrum Blog (Aug. 14, 2012), available at (reviewing Tai-Heng Cheng, When International Law Works: Realistic Idealism After 9/11 and the Global Recession (2012)). | www