Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award

Honoring An Exceptional Georgia Lawyer

Johnson, founding deanThe Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award is presented each year to a living Georgia attorney whose overall accomplishments reflect the high tradition of selfless public service that our founding dean, Ben F. Johnson Jr., exemplified during his career and life.

“Ben F. Johnson Jr. worked tirelessly to ensure equal access to the legal profession through helping private schools integrate without losing their tax exempt status and helping to restore part-time, ABA-accredited legal education to Atlanta at Georgia State,” says Steven J. Kaminshine, professor of law and former dean. “His commitment to public service is exemplary for all Georgia lawyers.”

Submit your letter of nomination and any supporting materials to [email protected] by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22. The award is intended to be given to a person who is living at the time the award is conferred.

Nominations and supporting materials may also be submitted by mail to:

Professor Clark D. Cunningham
Johnson Award Selection Committee
Georgia State University College of Law
P.O. Box 4037
Atlanta, GA 30302-4037

The college is accepting nominations for the 2018 award through 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22.

Attorney Edward J. “Jack” Hardin, an advocate and leader in efforts to protect and enable homeless and poverty-stricken people for decades, was honored with the Ben F. Johnson Jr. Public Service Award on Thursday, May 3, at Georgia State University College of Law. More>>

  • 2017: Bobby Lee Cook
  • 2016: Aimee Maxwell (M.Ed '83, J.D. '87)
  • 2015: Rita A. Sheffey
  • 2014: Miles J. Alexander
  • 2013: Judith A. O’Brien
  • 2012: Randall L. Hughes
  • 2011: Emmet J. Bondurant
  • 2010: Horace Sibley
  • 2009: Steven Gottlieb
  • 2008: Judge Orinda D. Evans
  • 2007: John T. Marshall
  • 2006: Linda K. DiSantis
  • 2005: Judge Anthony A. Alaimo
  • 2004: Judge Robert Benham
  • 2003: Stephen B. Bright
  • 2002: Griffin B. Bell
  • 2001: Clifford Oxford
  • 2000: Judge Luther A. Alverson
  • 1999: Paul Cadenhead
  • 1998: Randolph W. Thrower
  • 1997: State Justice Dorothy Toth Beasley
  • 1996: State Justice Harold G. Clarke
  • 1995: Donald L. Hollowell
  • 1994: Judge Elbert P. Tuttle

  • Clark Cunningham, W. Lee Burge Professor of Law and Ethics and committee chair;
  • Ronald J. Freeman Sr. (J.D. '85);
  • Ben Johnson III;
  • Paul Milich, professor of law;
  • Mary Radford, professor of law;
  • Beth Tanis; and
  • Margaret Vath, senior instructor of law

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