Study Space X: Marseille, France

Marseille, France

Marseille has undertaken rapid redevelopment projects over the last few decades, transforming its image from a declining port city riddled with crime and poverty to a popular tourist destination and making it an ideal city for Study Space X.

Transforming Marseille: Balancing Urban Redevelopment, Economic Growth, Social Equity and Environmental Protection in the Building of  Metropolitan Area

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Monday, June 19-Friday, June 23 • Marseille, France

Marseille has undertaken rapid redevelopment projects over the last few decades, transforming its image from a declining port city riddled with crime and poverty to a popular tourist destination. Through projects such as Euroméditerranée, Europe’s largest urban renewal project created through a public-private partnership, Marseille is creating a city within the city featuring 18,000 new homes, a million square meters of office space and stores, and 150 acres of green space within the city center.  As the European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille also leveraged the arts as an economic driver, beautifying the waterfront, building new museums such as the Villa Méditerranée and the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, and repurposing old and abandoned buildings for cultural activities.

Study Space X enables participants to learn firsthand from public and private officials and academics about the city’s redevelopment efforts and its effects on immigrants, social mix, affordable housing, and the environment. Study Space X will provide an interesting examination of a city balancing revitalization with a culturally diverse population and widespread economic inequality, and will provide participants with valuable information for comparative research.

By studying Europe’s largest urban renewal project and the transformation of Marseille, participants will explore:

  • Equitable and sustainable development
  • Land use law, urban planning and transportation
  • Taxation and infrastructure finance
  • Social mix, affordable housing and housing finance
  • Cultural heritage and historic preservation
  • Environmental law and greenspace preservation

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The daily lecture topics and speakers will be announced in the spring with the final daily schedule. This schedule provides the theme for the lectures each day, the site visits and planned group meals.

Sunday, June 18: Evening Welcome Reception

Monday, June 19: Aix-Marseille as a Metropolitan Area

  • Site Visit: City bus tour
  • Lunch and dinner included

Tuesday, June 20: Euroméditerranée:  Europe's largest urban renewal and economic development project

  • Site Visit: Euroméditerranée
  • Lunch included

Wednesday, June 21: Culture and Heritage as an Economic Driver  

  • Free afternoon for sightseeing or personal research

Thursday, June 22: Balancing Redevelopment:  Affordable Housing and Social Mix

  • Site Visit:  Quartier Nord
  • Lunch included

Friday, June 23: Environmental Law and Greenspace Preservation

  • Site Visit: Parc National des Calanques
  • Lunch and dinner included


The program fee is $985 and includes scheduled group meals, speaker honoraria and site visits. Hotel, airline tickets and airport ground transportation must be purchased separately.

A block of hotel rooms will be reserved. Participants will be responsible for booking their hotel rooms directly and will be provided with the instructions upon acceptance into the program.

A $500 deposit is due by Friday, April 7, and the remaining balance of $485 is due by Friday, May 5. No refunds will be issued after Friday, May 5.

All participants are required to submit their CV or resume, and a short biography upon acceptance into the program.

One month before Study Space X begins, participants will receive reading materials and are expected to have studied the materials prior to arrival in Marseille.

Attendees are expected to participate fully, including daily lectures, site visits, group discussions and dinners.  Participants are invited lead one structured lecture or group discussion, and may submit topics for consideration to Karen Johnston (J.D. '08) at [email protected]

Participants must submit one original article that relates to the Study Space X theme, Transforming Marseille:  Balancing Urban Redevelopment, Economic Growth, Social Equity, and Environmental Protection in the Building of a Metropolitan Area for publication in either a french journal or the online journal, Journal of Comparative Urban Law & Policy, a publication of Georgia State Law's Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth.