Spring Break in Barcelona — March 11-18

Spring break in Barcelona March 11-18

International Perspectives on Urban Law & Policy

Part of the International Perspectives on Urban Law & Policy course, this program allows graduate students to experience first-hand how metropolitan areas tackle urban issues. This spring break study-abroad program in Barcelona, Spain, will focus on urban growth and land use planning and its connection to affordable housing, housing discrimination and homelessness. It will feature a combination of lectures by leading academic, public and private sector professionals and site visits designed to enrich the academic and cultural experience. The program will be led by Ryan Rowberry, associate professor and associate director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth.  This program is being offered in cooperation with the University of Barcelona faculty of law.

After the financial crisis in 2007, Spain experienced a massive financial crisis resulting in 25 percent lower home values, an excess housing stock, and massive unemployment. At its peak two years ago, the unemployment rate was at 25 percent, the highest rate in the European Union. Despite some economic recovery, the overall unemployment rate is still 20 percent today; however, for residents under the age of 25, the unemployment rate is an astonishing 45 percent. Furthermore, the employment outlook remains poor; experts predict by 2019 the overall unemployment still will be as high as 15 percent.

With high unemployment, foreclosures and evictions have been at an all time high, and the number of homeless people has risen dramatically. Barcelona has been grappling with how to create affordable housing, where to site affordable housing for access to infrastructure and services, how to handle the right to housing, how to protect against forced eviction, and how to improve homelessness. Through this study abroad program, students will be exposed to the relationship between land use law and housing, key concepts in affordable housing, homelessness issues and social and legal strategies to provide housing.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city and immerse themselves in the culture.

This program is open to all Georgia State University graduate students. Students do not need any prior legal knowledge to successfully participate in this course.

To participate, students must enroll in the three-credit hour spring semester course, International Perspectives on Law & Policy (LAW 7397). This course has no pre-requisites but space is limited.

Participation is limited to 10 students and is contingent upon acceptance by the program directors after an interview.

Program cost may vary at any time according to currency fluctuations and changing travel arrangements. The program cost is tentatively set at $2,500 plus regular Georgia State University tuition and fees. Nonresident/out-of-state students will pay in-state tuition plus a $250 fee in addition to the program cost.

The program cost includes:

  • All program-related ground transportation, excursions and entrance fees
  • Group lunches per the itinerary
  • Hotel
  • Health/Evacuation/Repatriation Insurance

The program cost does not include:

  • Georgia State tuition and fees. Note that this study abroad program requires students to enroll in the course International Perspectives on Urban Law and Policy (LAW 7397) for a total of 3 credit hours.
  • Round-trip airfare to Barcelona, Spain. Students are responsible for booking their airfare. Flights to Barcelona can be expensive ($1,400) and should be booked well in advance to secure the best rate; however, students are advised to wait to book their airfare until the program is confirmed with adequate enrollment.
  • Public transportation in Barcelona except that associated with the program
  • Passport
  • Personal expenses and excess baggage charges

Payment Schedule
There is no deposit required at the time of application.  However, the deposit timeline is as follows:

  • Oct. 31: $300 deposit
  • Nov. 16:  $700 deposit
  • Jan. 9: Remaining balance is due ($1,500) – this is a firm deadline and students who have not paid will be dropped from the program

The program directors will provide instructions on how to make the required payments once you have been accepted into the program.

This year, Georgia State University has a new scholarship model for study abroad programs.  The first nine students who are in good academic standing, apply to this study abroad program, are accepted into this program, and pay the $300 deposit by Oct. 31 will be given a $1,000 program discount. This program discount will not be given to students after the Oct. 31 date — no exceptions. Note — this new model replaces the former IEF scholarship.

The online application is now live for this program.  All students must apply online. There is no deposit required at the time of application.

Space is limited to 10 students and early application is encouraged. Participation is contingent upon acceptance into the program by the Program Directors. All applicants will have to interview with the program directors before being accepted into the program.

Apply now by visiting the study abroad website and searching for spring break programs in Barcelona.  The program is International Perspectives on Urban Law & Policy.


For questions, contact program director Ryan Rowberry at rrowberry@gsu.edu or 404-413-9093; or Karen Johnston (J.D. ’08) at kjohnston3@gsu.edu or 404-413-9175.