IP Advisory Board

The Intellectual Property Advisory Board is composed of alumni and friends of the College of Law. It provides leadership, resources, strategy and guidance on IP issues for the school.

Executive Board

Steven J. Kaminshine College of Law Dean, Chair
Yaniv Heled Associate Professor of Law
Scott Frank (J.D./M.B.A. ’94) AT&T, IPAB Chair
Jeff Kuester (J.D. ’93) Taylor English Duma, IPAB Vice-Chair
Chason Carroll (J.D. ’06) Mueller Water Products, At-Large Executive Board Member, Chair for Corporate IP Institute
Elizabeth Lester (J.D. ’05) Equifax, At-Large Executive Board Member, Chair, AIPLA Southeastern Regional

IP Advisory Board Members

Chason Carroll (J.D. ’06)Mueller Water ProductsChair, Corporate IP Institute

Jeff Blake (J.D. ’08) Merchant & Gould Vice-Chair, SpringPosium
Ashley Bowcott Student Officer, IP Law Society
Barry Brager Perception Partners Chair, IP Hot Topics
Chris Chan Sutherland Co-Chair, IP Mentoring
Saba Daneshvar (J.D. ’15)  Finnegan Chair, GLA Patent Pro Bono Program
Braxton Davis (J.D. ’12) Patent Institute of Training and Turocy @ Watson Chair, Southeastern IP Job Fair
Walter Freitag (J.D. ’15) Sutherland Vice-Chair, IP Celebration
Brian Giles (J.D. ’11) Meunier Carlin & Curfman Chair, IP Career Showcase
Gaylon Hollis (J.D. ’09) Ballard Spahr Chair, Mock Interviewing, Vice-Char GLA Patent Pro Bono Program
Alton Hornsby Sutherland Co-Chair, IP Mentoring
David Hsu Student President, IP Law Society
Jackie Hutter The Hutter Group Co-Chair, IP Corporate Roundtable
Doug Isenberg (J.D. ’96) The GigaLaw Firm Chair, IP Newsletter
Gibson Lanier Smith, Gambrell & Russell Vice-Chair, IP Celebration
Becki Lee The Sladkus Law Group Vice-Chair, IP Moot Court
Jason Lye Lyco Works Co-Chair, IP Think Tank
Natasha Moffitt (J.D. ’01) King & Spalding Chair, Co-Chair, USPTO Externships
Sam Mullman Student Officer, IP Law Scociety
Todd Obijeski (J.D. ’10) Merchant & Gould Co-Chair, Charitable IP Golf Tournament (CIP CUP)
David Pierce Student Officeer, IP Law Society
Randy Schoen (J.D. ’07) Thomas Kayden Chair, IP Scholarships
D. Kent Stier (J.D. ’99) Merchant & Gould Co-Chair, IP Corporate Roundtable
Corrine Sukiennik Lyco Works Co-Chair, IP Think Tank
Chittam Takore (J.D. ’11) US District Court, No. Dist. of Ga. Co-Chair, IP SpringPosium®
Warren Thomas (J.D. ’11) Meunier Carlin & Curfman Chair, IP Moot Court
Cheryl Tubach (J.D. ’92) JM Huber Corp. Co-Chair, Charitable IP Golf Tournament (CIP CUP)
Kathryn Wade (J.D. ’02) Kilpatrick Townsend Co-Chair, IP Scholarships
Wade Walker (J.D. ’09) AT&T Co-Chair, IP IP Celebration Service Awards, IP Legends Awards, Community Service Awards
Bing Wing Georgia Institute of Technology Vice Chair, IP Celebration
Elizabeth Wedgis Students Officer IP Law Society
AJ Zucchero Meunier Carlin & Curfman Chair, Patent Agent Association