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Center for Access to Justice
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Center for Access to Justice Leadership

Lauren Sudeall, associate professor and faculty director lsudeall@gsu.edu 404-413-9258
Darcy Meals, assistant director dmeals@gsu.edu 404-413-9253
Diadra Dorsey, administrative specialist ddorsey4@gsu.edu 404-413-9054

Lauren Sudeall

Professor Sudeall is the center’s founding faculty director. Sudeall’s current research focuses on access to the courts, in both the civil and criminal contexts, and how lower-income individuals navigate the legal system to address their needs, either with a lawyer or on their own.  Find out more 

Darcy Meals

Darcy Meals, assistant director, develops and oversees the center’s programs and publications. She is the faculty supervisor for the Public Interest Law and Policy certificate and the Pro Bono Program, and she teaches courses through the center’s access to justice curriculum.Find out more 

Diadra Dorsey

Diadra Dorsey, administrative specialist, managerial holds an associate degree in business administration from Lawson State Junior College in Birmingham, Ala., and a B.S. in health care management from Clayton College and State University. She has extensive experience in administrative support positions including 12 years with the state of Georgia.Find out more 

Center Faculty

College of Law

W. Edward Afield

Professor Afield’s research deals with tax policy issues surrounding improving tax compliance, nonprofit organizations and education.  Find out more 

Charlotte Alexander

Professor Alexander directs the Legal Analytics Lab, which brings together business and law faculty to take on legal problems and questions using the tools of data analytics. Find out more 

Courtney Anderson

Professor Anderson’s research focuses on the intersection of housing and health disparities in low-income and minority communities and pairing community and economic development mechanisms with laws and policies to achieve health equity.  Find out more 

Bucky Askew

Askew is the former consultant on legal education for the American Bar Association, former director of the Civil Division for the National Legal Aid & Defender Association, and previously worked for the Legal Services Corporation and the Office of Economic Opportunity Legal Services Program.  Find out more 
Lisa Bliss

Lisa Radtke Bliss

Professor Bliss’s research focuses on clinical, experiential and interdisciplinary education and the development of law school clinics in the context of medical-legal partnerships.  Find out more 
Stephen Bright

Stephen B. Bright

Bright, a professor of practice, teaches a course on prosecution and defense of capital and other criminal cases. He has tried capital cases before juries in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi and argued cases before many state and federal appellate courts. Bright as argued and won four cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Find out more 

Jessica Gabel Cino

Professor Cino’s research focuses on bankruptcy, forensic evidence genetic testing, forensic DNA identification, wrongful convictions, and trial and jury tactics in the context of the criminal justice system. Find out more 

Russell Covey

Professor Covey’s research focuses on wrongful convictions, plea bargaining, legal theory, police interrogation, crime and popular culture, and the death penalty.  Find out more 
Clark Cunningham

Clark Cunningham

Professor Cunningham’s work focuses on ethics and professionalism in legal practice, including research on the relationship between clients and lawyers and using student practice to broaden access to justice.  Find out more 
Nicole Iannarone

Nicole Iannarone

Professor Iannarone oversees the Investor Advocacy Clinic where she helps provide students with an opportunity to represent small investors with claims against their brokers before FINRA and to help educate potential investors.Find out more 

Tameka Lester

Professor Lester is an advocate for taxpayer rights and responsibilities, in addition to working with students in the Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic. Find out more 

Caren Morrison

Professor Morrison’s research focuses on the impact of electronic information and technology on the criminal justice system and on mechanisms of jury selection.  Find out more 

Natsu Taylor Saito

Professor Saito’s research focuses on the legal history of race and settler colonialism in the United States and the human rights implications of U.S. governmental policies, particularly with regard to immigrants, American Indians, and U.S. territorial possessions.  Find out more 

Nirej Sekhon

Professor Sekhon’s research focuses on the relationships between criminal procedure, criminalization, and political culture, as well as on the nature of policing.  Find out more 

Jonathan Todres

Professor Todres researches and writes on a range of issues related to children’s rights and child well-being. Find out more 
Tanya Washington

Tanya Washington

Professor Washington’s research focuses on issues related to educational equity and issues arising at the intersection of domestic relations, race, and children’s constitutional rights.  Find out more 
Interdisciplinary Faculty

H. Robert Baker

Robert Baker, associate professor of history, researches the advance of human rights and law within the American constitutional experience. Find out more 

Andrew Jason Cohen

Andrew Jason Cohen, associate professor of philosophy and founding coordinator of the bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies program in philosophy, politics and economics, focuses his research on toleration. Increasingly he is looking at toleration (or the lack thereof) in criminal justice and business ethics. Find out more 

Eyal Aharoni

Eyal Aharoni, assistant professor of philosophy and psychology, investigates the impact of emotion and cognitive bias on criminal, moral, legal, and political decision-making in his research. Find out more 

Daniel Pasciuti

Daniel Pasciuti, assistant professor of sociology, focuses his research on contemporary issues of governance and the (re)organization of cities – specifically questions on the devolution of governance structures and the interaction between government organizations, private investment, civil society and the individual citizen. Find out more 

Eric Sevigny

Eric Sevigny, associate professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, focuses his research on the intersection of drugs, crime, and public policy, particularly around issues of drug law enforcement, sentencing, and incarceration. Find out more 

Amy Steigerwalt

Amy Steigerwalt, associate professor of political science, focuses her research on the federal judicial selection process, as well as the role of courts as institutions and the differing influences on court operations and decision-making.  Find out more 
Center Fellows
Amy Bement (J.D. '17), 2016-17

Amy Bement (J.D. ’17), 2016-17

Andrew Brown (J.D. '19) 2018-19

Andrew Brown (J.D. ’19) 2018-19

Jarvarus Gresham (J.D. '19) 2017-18

Jarvarus Gresham (J.D. ’19) 2017-19

Erin Haire (J.D. '18), Summer 2016

Erin Haire (J.D. ’18), Summer 2016

Jobena Hill (J.D. '19) 2016-18

Jobena Hill (J.D. ’19) 2016-19

Bryan Janflone (J.D. '17) 2016-17

Bryan Janflone (J.D. ’17) 2016-17

Sarah Malkin Headshot

Sarah Malkin (J.D. ’20) 2018-19

Andrew Navratil (J.D. '18) 2016-2018

Andrew Navratil (J.D. ’18) 2016-18

Timur Selimovic (J.D. '18) 2017-18

Timur Selimovic (J.D. ’18) 2017-19

Olivia Shellman (J.D. '19) 2017-18

Olivia Shellman (J.D. ’19) 2017-18

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Marianne Mason is an Assistant Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies and Linguistics at James Madison University. Prior to joining JMU, Mason taught languages, linguistics, and translation/interpreting studies at institutions such as Georgia Tech and Georgia State University and was affiliated with the Center for Justice at Columbia University. Her main areas of research interest include language and the law/forensic linguistics, discourse analysis, and translation/interpreting studies.

In these areas, Mason has published a book, Courtroom Interpreting (2008), and has a forthcoming co-edited volume, The Discourse of Police Interviews, with the University of Chicago Press. In addition to her teaching and research, Mason has provided expert witness testimony and reports in criminal cases in the state of Georgia that involve interpreter-induced errors and police-lay person exchanges, such as the invocation of Miranda warnings and police interviews/confessions.

Visiting Student Fellow

img-0022Danielle Allyn was a visiting fellow in March 2018, when she was a second-year J.D./M.S.W. student at New York University. Her professional experience includes work with the Georgia Resource Center, the Georgia Capital Defender, and the Veterans Defense Program. Allyn’s research project, “Porter’s Promise for Georgia Veterans,” analyzes the capital trials of seven Georgia veterans who experienced profound discrimination based on mental health status. In synthesizing trial transcripts, juror interviews, psychiatric evaluations, and trial judge reports, the study identifies ways that defense counsel, prosecutors, and jurors in Georgia neglect Porter’s command to consider prior military service as a mitigating factor in capital cases.