Law Matters 2018

Sharnell Simon (J.D. ’19)

“The Law matters because it strives to provide influence to the socially and politically deprived and provides those without the means to effectuate their influence, the driving force to do so.”

My law matters statement is two fold, first “socially and politically deprived” is not meant to be taken literally. This component involves students like… more »

Jarvarus Gresham (J.D. ’19)

“The Law matters because it attempts to provide protection against illegitimate and discriminatory practices.”

Jarvarus Gresham (J.D. ’19) is a member of the Student Trial Lawyers Association and the Atlanta Bar Association’s Summer Law Internship Program selection committee. This summer, Gresham will serve as a summer associate at Baker Hostetler, LLP. This fall, he will… more »