‘He Helped Us Find a Solution’

I was never fortunate enough to have Steve as a professor, but I know a lot of people who did — and I know, for many of them, he shaped their careers in the labor and employment field. I know many have also called upon Steve after they graduated to ask labor and employment questions, just as… more »

Placing Priority on Service to Students

Steve’s leadership has benefited students in numerous ways. Perhaps the most obvious is our beautiful law building, which would not exist without Steve’s leadership over a period of years. In designing the building, Steve was a proponent of the idea that the best floors should be for the students, which led us to put the… more »

“Never Afraid to Say Yes”

As was the case with our founding dean, Ben F. Johnson Jr., it is impossible to overstate the significance of Steve’s leadership. Dean Johnson’s job was simply stated, but not easy to achieve. Working from scratch, he had to create an accredited public education facility equally accessible to students, mostly in the Southeast, seeking full-time and… more »

Structural, Creative & Professional Support

Imagine a job where you look forward to your annual review because you know you will leave feeling confident and committed to doing your best. Steve has always made me and my colleagues feel supported, challenged, engaged and valued. Aside from my mother, I cannot think of anyone who has believed more in my professional ability or appeared… more »