Wendy F. Hensel

Dean’s Letter: What Makes a Good Leader

WHAT MAKES A GOOD LEADER? The answer to this typically philosophical inquiry has taken on a new urgency of late. At the national level, there are clashing voices passionately articulating contradictory views on this very question. People have rarely been more divided or more vocal in their opinions, and there seems to be no end in… more »

Crowdsourcing Justice, and Other New Looks in Legal Leadership

Posted On July 11, 2017 by Charles McNair

Envision a leader.

For most people, a single, forceful individual comes to mind, a powerfully principled figure with absolute commitment, moral authority, charisma. He or she blazes a meteoric trail, inspiring and compelling others to follow.

Think Gandhi. Susan B. Anthony. Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln.

That’s the model, historically. But now consider the changing… more »

Kaminshine: So Much More Than Dean

It’s difficult to define the ways in which Steven J. Kaminshine leads. Colleagues, alumni and friends clamor to add something new: •  He’s a responsive listener. •  He delegates and puts trust in the people he leads. •  He truly cares about his students, faculty and staff and their many needs. •  He’s a big-picture… more »

An Accessible, Caring Mentor

As many will attest, Steve’s leadership at Georgia State Law has been notable in many respects. What stands out for me personally is the incredible support and mentorship that he has provided to all faculty members, junior and senior. I have both been the direct beneficiary of his efforts and had the pleasure of working with him… more »