Spring 16 News 3

Father and Son Share More Than Their Legal Degrees

Robert Bourne (J.D. ’88) and his son Elliot Bourne (J.D. ’16) share more than fond memories from the same alma mater. Their names are engraved on side-by-side lockers at Georgia State Law.

“It is a great source of pride for me that my son is going to be a lawyer and equally pleasing that he… more »

Tricia Rackliffe retires

Associate Registrar Rackliffe Retires

Patricia “Tricia” Rackliffe (B.A. ’89) has scheduled her last exam, input her last grade, counseled her last student. After a 32-year career at Georgia State University, including 28 years as the registrar for the College of Law, Rackliffe has retired. Her favorite part, hands down, has been working with the students.

“I love my students,” she said. “They’re fabulous.” For the past 28 years, Rackliffe has… more »

Olmstead Disability Rights Clinic Starting Fall Semester

This fall, Georgia State Law will open the Olmstead Disability Rights Clinic in partnership with Atlanta Legal Aid Society’s Disability Integration Project. The yearlong off-site clinic will be taught by the Disability Integration Project’s director, Talley Wells, who will serve as clinic director.

The clinic focuses on advocacy arising… more »

Wrongful Conviction? Cino and Students Investigate

Investigating Old Murder Case for Podcast

Jessica Gabel Cino, associate professor of law at Georgia State Law, and several students investigate who killed Donna Brown in their Conviction podcast. Read more>>

A cold-blooded murder in a small Georgia town is blamed on an outsider, a young black transplant from California. He’s arrested despite… more »