Transfer students

Transfer Applicants

Key Dates

  • May 1: Fall application period opens
  • July 15: Fall application deadline
  • Oct. 1: Spring application period opens
  • Dec. 1: Spring application deadline

Georgia State Law’s Admissions Committee will consider transfer applicants who have completed their first year of full-time study at another law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Applicants enrolled in a part-time program will be considered on a case-by-case basis upon completing the first year of study.

Academic performance and class ranking are important factors in our evaluation process. You also must possess credentials comparable to those of the class to which you are applying.

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Policies for Georgia State Law transfer applicants

  • You must submit all required documents through the Law School Admission Council’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Never send documents to our office unless specified.
  • The official law school transcript, a letter of good standing, and letter of class rank must be submitted after the conclusion of the academic term immediately preceding the desired semester of enrollment.
  • Applications and required materials received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • You may transfer a maximum of 30 credit hours from another ABA-accredited law school. You must complete at least 60 hours of required coursework at Georgia State Law to graduate.
  • You cannot obtain advanced standing for courses completed at non-ABA-accredited law schools.
  • You cannot obtain advanced standing for law school courses completed with a grade of C or lower (or its equivalent).
  • Georgia State Law cannot admit students who are ineligible for readmission to another law school.
  • Do not send addenda or replacement items after you’ve submitted your initial application.
  • We do not grant personal interviews.
  • Learn more by signing up for an information session or contacting us.

Steps to Apply

Fill out the required online application form and submit it, along with your $50 nonrefundable application fee (paid by debit card, credit card or online check), through LSAC. Keep a copy of your application for your personal files.
Include a typed personal statement with your online application. This is your opportunity to describe why you are pursuing legal study at Georgia State Law and highlight any experiences, qualifications or other information you believe to be relevant. The statement should be no more than two double-spaced pages.
Activate your LSAC Law School Report. The Credential Assembly Service will forward us your report after all required documentation has been received. This service requires at least three to four weeks before our deadline to receive, process and forward your materials to the College of Law.
Send transcripts to LSAC for inclusion in your Law School Report.
Make your LSAT scores available to Georgia State Law, which will request them from LSAC upon receipt of your application.
Submit two to four letters of recommendation, no more than two years old, through your LSAC Law School Report. We prefer letters from professors who can attest to your ability to enter a competitive professional program. References from employers will also suffice.
Provide a letter from the dean of your law school that includes your class ranking and states you are in academic good standing and eligible to return. Mail this letter directly to Georgia State Law's Office of Admissions.
When we receive your complete application, you will receive an email notification that includes credentials for you to monitor your status via the Applicant Status Online system.
Personal interviews are not part of the application process. Admissions staff members may assist you with the application process, but have no authority to make admission decisions. You should not construe any of their statements as promises or contracts binding to Georgia State Law.