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Guest Students

Key Dates

  • May 1: Fall application period opens
  • July 15: Fall application deadline
  • Oct. 1: Spring application period opens
  • Dec. 1: Spring application deadline
  • Feb. 1: Summer application period opens
  • May 1: Summer application deadline

Third-year law students who attended an ABA-accredited law school and are in good standing may apply as a guest to earn credit that will transfer back to their degree-granting institution. A second-year law student may apply as a guest under special circumstances.

Guests may earn up to 32 credit hours from Georgia State Law and attend up to three semesters (including summer).

Apply Now 

Policies for Georgia State Law guest students

  • You must submit all required documents through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Never send documents to our office unless specified.
  • Applications and required materials received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • We do not grant personal interviews.
  • Guests may enroll for summer semester. Courses with limited enrollment offer first priority to Georgia State Law students.
  • We cannot guarantee early grades to meet your home institution’s graduation deadline.

Steps to Apply

Fill out the online application form online application form and submit it, along with your $50 nonrefundable application fee (paid by debit card, credit card or online check), through LSAC. Keep a copy of your application for your personal files.
Include a typed personal statement with your online application. This is your opportunity to describe why you are pursuing legal study at Georgia State Law and highlight any experiences, qualifications or other information you believe to be relevant. The statement should be no more than two double-spaced pages.
Activate your LSAC Law School Report. The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) will forward your report after all required documentation has been received. This service needs at least three to four weeks before our deadlines to receive, process and forward your materials.
Send transcripts to LSAC for inclusion in your Law School Report.
Submit two to four letters of recommendation, no more than two years old, through CAS. We prefer letters from professors who can attest to your ability to enter a competitive professional program. References from employers will also suffice.
Provide a letter from the dean of your law school that includes:

  • your class ranking;
  • confirmation that you are in good standing and eligible to return to the school
  • statement of permission and a listing of conditions regarding your attendance at Georgia State Law; and
  • a statement of acceptance of transfer credits from Georgia State Law.

Mail this letter directly to Georgia State Law's Office of Admissions.

When we receive your complete application, you will receive an email notification that includes credentials for you to monitor your status via the Applicant Status Online system.
Personal interviews are not part of the application process. Admissions staff members may assist you with the application process, but have no authority to make admission decisions. You should not construe any of their statements as promises or contracts binding to Georgia State Law.