SBA Committee Expands Networking Opportunities

SBA Networking

Students participate in the Student Bar Association networking committee’s first event with to help expose students, particularly part-time students, to a wider range of legal practitioners in the Atlanta area.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) created a networking committee with the goal of exposing students to a wider range of legal practitioners in the Atlanta area.

“Most times students have opportunities to meet large firms from Atlanta, but often miss the chance to meet a partner from a small family law firm or a lawyer passionate for veteran and military affairs,” said Leanne Livingston (J.D. ’20), committee chair of the networking committee. “Our events offer the opportunity to learn about these professions from experts.”

The committee was started after several students approached SBA President Misty Gann (J.D. ’19) with a desire for more networking opportunities.

“It seemed logical that something this important deserved the attention of individuals who would be committed directly to networking events,” Gann said. Forming a networking committee was one of the goals Gann highlighted during her campaign and she selected Livingston and Dowdy White to be on the committee because of their ability to utilize their connections to achieve a goal.

Part of the impetus was to help get more part-time students in the mix, said Livingston. As a part-time student herself, Livingston saw little opportunity to meet attorneys that didn’t practice at large Atlanta firms. “I am unsure what legal profession I should enter, so I wanted an opportunity to meet a diverse group of lawyers,” she said. “Many students felt the same, so the committee was born.”

The committee hosted an event at the beginning of the semester.

“The event was a huge success,” Livingston said. “Students were given the opportunity to meet partners from small business/civil litigation firms to junior associates from family law firms. The attorneys praised the caliber of students from Georgia State and some students told me they were asked for resumes for internships and summer associate positions.”

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