Eugene Butler (J.D. ’20) On Serving as Mr. Georgia State University

Eugene Butler (J.D. '20)

Eugene Butler (J.D. ’20) is a first-year student at Georgia State University College of Law and the 2016-17 Mr. Georgia State University.

Eugene Butler (J.D. ’20) is a first-year student at Georgia State University College of Law and the 2016-17 Mr. Georgia State University. He will pass off his crown to the next Mr. GSU during halftime at the homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 21. Eugene majored in political science at Georgia State and served in various volunteer positions as an undergraduate student. We asked him a few questions about his undergraduate career and how he’s settling into law school.

What did you do as Mr. Georgia State University?
As Mr. GSU, we coordinate with Spotlight Programs Boards to do various activities that include hosting events, community service, and making appearance requests for the university.

How did you feel being chosen as Mr. GSU?
It is definitely an honor to be Mr. GSU. Throughout my undergraduate career, I served in various capacities within the university, so I thought having this coveted title was a great ending. The process to become Mr. Georgia State starts with an extensive application in which you detail your reasoning for applying, list all campus involvement and community service, include recommendations, disclose your GPA, and a resume. If you meet the requirements, you are then selected for an interview which includes answering questions from a panel of judges throughout the Georgia State community and presenting a creative demonstration of your “Panther Journey.”

You were involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as an undergraduate. What made you decide to get involved with them and what does it mean to you?
I am always looking at ways to help and mentor. I feel the greatest gift is the gift of helping. It is always wise and honorable to lay the foundation for someone else. I believe in leaving a legacy in people and how I make them feel.

Why did you choose to go to law school?
I decided to go to law school because I have always had an interest in advocacy. I feel that law allows a person the opportunity to advocate in many different areas for various people. There is entertainment, families, underprivileged, immigrants, and the list goes on and on.

What career path would you like to pursue, or, what do you hope to do with your law degree?
I am not quite sure of what specific area of law I would like to practice as of now. However, my end goal is to serve on the bench as a judge.

Are you involved in any student organizations at the College of Law?
I am a member of BLSA as well as on the Barrister’s Ball committee for SBA. I plan to expand my involvement as I continue to become acclimated to the wonderful experience which is law school.

How’s your first semester going?
My first semester is full of surprises. In some ways, it is what I expected such as hard work, mentally stimulating, and challenging.  However, I think I missed the part about those characteristics reprising themselves every day. It is also exciting as well.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time? What is that? I am a 1L. I have taken on the hobby of sleeping during free time. It is the greatest thing.

What advice do you have for the next Mr. GSU?
I would say that your reign is what you make it. Allow your service and love for such an evolving and innovating school to remain at the forefront of your image, decisions, and attitude throughout.

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