Meghan Gordon (J.D./M.T. ’17)


True equality is rooted in reason, but achieved with passion.

Law matters because true equality is rooted in reason, but achieved with passion. In an era of fake news and inflamed ideals caused by social media, I think the law has come to matter now more than ever as the great equalizer. William Shakespeare once said: “We were not born to sue, but to command.”  I have taken this sentiment to heart – that we are not in law school or members of the bar to cause conflict or actively pursue it, but to command conflict in the search for equity.

Law matters because it encourages all parties to a conflict or harm to take a step back and quantify the encounter in a way that 140 characters and SnapChat cannot compare to. If we as lawyers can harness the inflamed passions that social media does a tremendous job of arousing into affecting change rooted in reasoned responses, I believe a new era of awareness and citizenship will follow. Law matters because every member of the bar is a global citizen and a sponge to the struggles of the community around them, and we are called to a higher standard in dissipating them.

Meghan Gordon (J.D./M.T. ’17) is the vice president of the Association of Women Law Students and a student attorney for the Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic.

Law Week 2017 

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