Wolf inducted into Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars

Wolf To Represent Lawyers in Society of Scholars

From doctors to historians, philosophers to engineers, the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars comprises more than 600 of the most influential and pioneering minds in the world. But since its founding in 1969, the society has not included a single lawyer among its illustrious ranks—until now.

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‘Scholarships Critical to Success of Students’

After being accepted to law school, Julio C. Perez-Bravo (J.D. ’18) had sleepless nights. Being an attorney was his dream, but the stress of paying for law school weighed heavily on him.

When something is pivotal to your life, and you think you’ll have to postpone it because you can’t afford it, it’s troubling, he… more »

Cino: ‘Making a Murderer’ Highlights a Larger Problem

For every Steven Avery or Adnan Syed, there are hundreds (perhaps thousands) more whose stories will never be heard

The Netflix documentary, “Making a Murderer,” thrust wrongful convictions into the spotlight. The documentary begins with an exceptional (and horrific) story of the circumstances that led to an innocent man’s incarceration: that police and… more »

Access to Inner Workings of Supreme Court Limited

It was my first day of law school orientation. I sat in an auditorium filled with my classmates, listening to a local judge give a welcome speech. She welcomed us to Georgia State College of Law and also to the field of law. I will never forget her words: “the practice of law is the… more »

SCOTUS in Real Time

Last fall, I took my favorite class in law school: Legislation taught by Professor Neil Kinkopf. On the course’s final day, we analyzed the “Obamacare” case, King v. Burwell. The class attempted to predict how the Court would decide the case, which interpretive canons would be used, what judicial ideologies would… more »

Movies and Myths About Human Trafficking

Hollywood loves a good bad guy.

From ruthless mobsters to drug kingpins to serial killers, evil characters are often plucked from real-world events. As human trafficking has garnered more attention, it was inevitable that the issue would hit the big screen. Traffickers, after all, are your quintessential villains. They enslave and exploit human beings for… more »

Does Gambling Grandma Need a Guardian?

Radford to speak as part of Women Inspire Series on Feb. 4

If Grandma wants to wear a red hat with a purple outfit and spend her life savings gambling, should she be allowed to do so without question? Or would that be grounds to appoint a guardian to make decisions for her?

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Mentoring Refugee Girls Highlight of Winter Break for Dennis (J.D. ’18)

Bettina Dennis (J.D. ’18) did what most law students do after grueling final exams—she caught up on some much needed sleep. She also enjoyed spending time with friends and family during the holidays. However, the highlight of her break was wearing a hairnet and plastic apron and churning out 1,400 meals alongside teenage girls.

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Supreme Court of Georgia Arguments Inspire, Inform

The Supreme Court of Georgia heard oral arguments in two cases at the College of Law’s Ceremonial Courtroom on Wednesday, Jan. 20. “I hope your experience today is interesting, instructive, and inspiring as you prepare to enter this most noble of professions – the law,” Chief Justice Hugh Thompson told the students before the arguments.

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Team Namer

Michael: During my senior year at Kennesaw State, I had been accepted to Georgia State Law. I called Michelle to tell her the great news. She was excited, and explained that even though she loved teaching, it wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her working life. I mentioned she should join… more »