Rowberry, Marshall Tackle Urban Resiliency in Idaho Law Review

John T. Marshall and Ryan Rowberry, assistant professors of law,  published an article, “Urban Wreckage and Resiliency: Articulating a Practical Framework for Preserving, Reconstructing, and Building Cities” in the Idaho Law Review’s special edition on resilient cities.

In the article, Rowberry and Marshall call for the use of a resiliency index as a means not only to guide recovery for cities ravaged by disaster, but also to inform a national discussion about critical principles for historic preservation and housing and community development programs.

A resiliency index provides information for the federal government and private sector about the strengths and weaknesses of the local government, Rowberry and Marshall argue. If federal and state governments as well as nonprofit and philanthropic organizations have an index at their disposal to guide their evaluation of a city’s strengths and weakness, then they will have the ability to channel their resources and expertise much more quickly and efficiently and in a manner that streamlines a city’s recovery or redevelopment, the two professors say.

After exploring the many parts of index components, Marshall and Rowberry again stress the benefits of measuring a city’s abilities to restore itself.

“A City Resilience Index can be an integral part of a more collaborative way of implementing long-term disaster and urban revitalization policy and after Katrina, we can all agree that a city that knows its strengths and weaknesses is better equipped for a speedy recovery,” Rowberry and Marshall write.

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