Georgia State Law Articles in Study Space Law Review

Four Georgia State Law members and other Study Space Istanbul participants published articles about their experiences in a special issue of the Bahcesehir University Law Review in spring 2014. 

Julian Juergensmeyer, Ben F. Johnson Jr. Chair in Law, writing the forward, explaining the conception and purpose of the Study Space and why Istanbul was an ideal location because it is “a strategically important and rich megacity with a strong and stable economy.”

Georgia State Law professors John T. Marshall and Ryan Rowberry and assistant director Karen Johnston (J.D. ’08) also provided contributed to the journal.

  • Marshall wrote “Post-Disaster Urban Redevelopment Planning: The Importance of Promoting Government Partnerships with Nongovernmental Organizations,” which explores how international engagement can impart lessons of long-term disaster recovery by focusing on the partnerships between private and public entities post-Katrina and comparing their effectiveness with Istanbul’s disaster plan after the 1999 earthquakes.
  • Johnston discusses Hurricane Katrina as the catalyst for a partnered public-private sector response to disaster relief by analyzing the efficiency of private sector businesses like The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and United Parcel Service in the wake of the disaster and compares this American approach  to Istanbul’s efforts to involve business in disaster preparedness in “Private Corporations: Critical Partners in Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery.” 
  • Rowberry examines the importance of Istanbul’s cultural heritage and the integration of technology to preserve historic resources in “Anchoring Memory in the Face of Disaster: Technology and Istanbul’s Cultural Heritage Preservation Regime.”
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