Lindsay Anglin (J.D. ’14)

Posted On April 10, 2014
Categories Law Matters 2014

It gives a voice to those who need it most.

The law matters because it gives a voice to the people who need it most. Whether facing discrimination by an employer, a criminal charge based on an illegal search, aggressive debt collection by creditors, or a wrongful foreclosure, the law may be the best hope a person has at turning around a desperate situation.

When I came to law school, I knew I wanted to use my law degree to assist those less fortunate, who viewed the law not as a resource for them but as a weapon against them. Having volunteered at local nonprofit organizations, I saw the need for a variety of legal assistance in the Atlanta community. I believe lawyers have a duty to serve those who do not have the resources or the knowledge to advocate effectively for themselves. It is to these people that the law matters most. For such people, the law is the only avenue they have to address the wrongs done to them. Outside of the legal system, their leverage is minimal, even nonexistent. The law, however, provides a tool, a mechanism through which they may seek justice. In the end, the law matters because of the people who use it and depend on it to protect their rights.

Lindsay Anglin (J.D. ’14) is one of the symposium editors on the Georgia State University Law Review. She also is a member of the Public Interest Law Association.

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