Lynette Jimenez 
(B.S. ’05, M.B.A. ’10, J.D. ’14)

Posted On April 8, 2014
Categories Law Matters 2014

It touches everyone in society.

The law matters because it touches everyone in society. From the young to the elderly and everyone in between as well as every race, religion and creed—the law defends, protects and convicts us all. It defines the limits of authority and autonomy and expresses those fundamental rights we hold most dear. As representatives of our legal system, we have the honor and humbling responsibility of upholding the law, and in so doing upholding the rights of everyone. That is what drew me to this profession—the idea that through upholding the law I can have a real and meaningful impact on so many others. And as I continue in my legal career, every day I’m reminded that because the law touches so many, my profession and calling are founded upon service to others.

Lynette Jimenez 
(B.S. ’05, M.B.A. ’10, J.D. ’14) will clerk for Judge John 
J. Goger of the Superior Court of Fulton County. She participated in Moot Court and the Student Trial Lawyers Association.

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