Enduring Connection for Emeritus Professor

Professor Charles Marvin is continuing his longstanding connection with Latvia’s Riga Graduate School of Law as a visiting professor.

Marvin returned to the Baltic Country as a visiting professor of law after retiring from Georgia State Law in 2012. Marvin first traveled to Latvia as a Fulbright Teaching Professor in 2000 and later continued as a Fulbright Senior Scholar through 2004. However, he has continued to travel to Riga each year to for various projects, including evaluating graduate law student theses and other support work.

“I am grateful that, thanks to Georgia State Law, the Fulbright Program and the American Bar Association, I can maintain a prolonged effort to train students from formerly communist countries for careers oriented toward human rights and the rule of law, at the Riga Graduate School of Law, a special institution subsidized by the George Soros and Raoul Wallenberg foundations and affiliated with the University of Latvia,” Marvin says.

As a visiting professor this fall, Marvin is teaching courses including Comparative Constitutional Law in English, the required academic language at the school.

Inspired by the culture and music of Latvia, Marvin says his fascination with Riga began as a teenager.

“I was a teenage tournament chess player and Mikhail Tal, known as “the Lion of Riga,” was world champion,” he says. “Also of note was that the greatest-ever chess writer and theoretician, Aron Nimzowitsch, came from Riga.”

While in Riga, Marvin serves as an American Branch representative on the International Law Association Committee on Sustainable Development Law and Natural Resource Management. He is lecturing on that subject at the Tallinn Technical University Faculty of Law in neighboring Estonia.

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