Hogue Co-Writes Military Text

Georgia State University College of Law professor Lynn Hogue and Emory University School of Law professor Charles Shanor have published the fourth edition of Military Law in a Nutshell (West Publishing, 2013).

The book, published in September, is a reference targeted to law students, judges, lawyers practicing military law, service members, civilians and anyone else who needs a concise background to military justice or a guide to the latest information on statutes and cases in military law.

“It is important,” Hogue says, “to have available a current, concise and authoritative source of information about the substantive and procedural content of military law, one that can provide an analytical framework that is at once comprehensible to civilians and also useful to those with an intimate knowledge of the armed services.”

What’s new this time around is that the book does not include national security law. Instead, that will be handed separately in a separate volume to be published next year on national security and anti-terrorism law.

“Both fields have grown immensely,” Hogue says. “It made sense to split off national security and deal separately and exclusively with military law and justice issues.”

The military has long been known as a “society apart from civilian society,” with its own laws and processes. The new book serves as a companion to casebooks in military law and supplements classroom study materials.

Hogue spent 21 years as a lawyer in the U.S. Army Reserves. He retired as a lieutenant colonel in 2000. Shanor is co-director of a volunteer clinic for military veterans at Emory Law. The first edition appeared in 1980. Hogue joined Shanor in 1996 for the second and all subsequent editions.


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