Study Space VI in Istanbul

The Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth at Georgia State University College of Law is co-sponsoring Study Space VI, “Planning for Disaster: Place, Population, Culture and the Environment” from March 31–April 6 in Istanbul.

At the weeklong workshop, scholars and government and private sector professionals work together to develop solutions to the host city’s legal, social and policy challenges.

Using Istanbul as a case study, Study Space VI participants will learn how the city is planning for natural and man-made disasters that could threaten Turkey’s financial and economic security. The workshop will promote active learning and problem solving through research, site visits and group discussions with local academics, nongovernmental organizations and government officials. The case study will broaden participants’ knowledge of comparative law and policy.

“Through daily lectures and field visits, Study Space IV will provide attendees with an understanding of the spatial organization and growth of Istanbul,” says Karen Johnston (J.D. ’08), assistant director for the center. “We’ll explore land use challenges, the effects of a major disaster on citizens, infrastructure, industry, trade and culture and the city’s disaster preparedness strategy.”

Study Space attendees will collaborate to produce scholarly articles that outline the program’s analysis and recommended solutions applicable to cities worldwide facing hazardous events.

Participation is limited to a small group of international scholars and professionals representing a variety of disciplines. Apply online at by Friday, Feb. 1.

For more information, contact Karen Johnston at 404-413-9175, or professor Julian Jurgensmeyer at 404-413-9197. Download the brochure to review the program agenda and schedule.

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