Workshop: Fall 2011

Posted On October 26, 2011
Categories NIFTEP Workshop

November 12-14, 2011 The Inn at Serenbe, Palmetto, Ga.

Themes What do we know – and what should we teach – about how lawyer discipline actually works? Improved and innovative collaboration between law schools and disciplinary authorities Sessions Welcome Luncheon (Clark Cunningham)  | Video Keynote Discussion (Daisy Floyd, Mercer University) | Video Teaching about Bar… more »

Constitutionality of Charter Schools

ATLANTA — This past summer, the Georgia Supreme Court by a 4-3 vote ruled that the Georgia Charter Schools Commission, which was created to approve charter schools and direct local funding to these schools in lieu of approval by local boards of education, was unconstitutional.  This decision had the effect of stripping 16 charter schools… more »