Bringing Hollywood to Georgia

ATLANTA — When Hollywood film production companies began to increasingly look Georgia’s way a few years ago, Don Mandrik was waiting for them.

As a young associate, first at Arnall Golden Gregory and then at Miller & Martin, Mandrik had steadily built up his own entertainment law practice, carving out his own niche as someone… more »

Uncovering the APS Scandal

ATLANTA — Georgia State University College of Law alumna Keri Ware grew up in metro Atlanta, but she was not really familiar with the Atlanta Public Schools system until recently. Now she knows more about the district than she ever imagined she would.

Ware and fellow GSU Law class of 2000 graduate Roslyn Mowatt got… more »

Correcting an Injustice

ATLANTA — Visitors to Atwood Water Park along the Pearl River in Monticello, Miss., on July 23 wouldn’t have noticed anything extraordinary about the party for Cory Maye taking place under the pavilion. But it wasn’t a birthday or a family reunion; it was a long-awaited, hard-fought homecoming. After 10 years in Mississippi’s prison system… more »

Ethics of Medical Tourism

ATLANTA – Georgia State University College of Law Professor Leslie Wolf recently returned to her alma mater, Harvard Law School, to speak at a conference on the legal and ethical challenges resulting from globalization of healthcare. The conference was sponsored by the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics.

Wolf and her co-author,… more »