Law Prof Explores the Art of the Law

Posted On November 10, 2009 by Renee DeGross Valdes
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While shooting guns with a target team years ago, Jessica Gabel was convinced she would be an FBI agent.

She even studied criminal justice and forensic science in college. It was quite a transition from Gabel’s theater roots.

“That was the Nancy Drew in me wanting to come out,” Gabel said. “I started off college… more »

A Legal First Aid

Posted On November 5, 2009 by Leah Seupersad
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With a lawyer stationed on the fourth floor of Children’s at Hughes Spalding hospital, Dr. Robert Pettignano doesn’t have to go far to help a child whose health care depends on solving legal problems.


Rebecca Propst has been working at the hospital since February as a health disparities fellow for Georgia State University’s Health… more »