2016 Law Review Symposium

Join the Georgia State University Law Review for a symposium from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, featuring nationally known reporters, prominent judges and legal academics who focus on the U.S. Supreme Court for a discussion on a variety of issues including

  • transparency,
  • cameras,
  • the need for clearer recusal practices,
  • the lack of a binding ethics code on the justices,
  • the absence of any rules relating to the justices’ official taxpayer funded papers and
  • the mysterious and anonymous writ of certiorari.

Through this symposium, Georgia State Law Review seeks to initiate a legal but accessible conversation regarding these emerging, important questions and produce scholarly articles that will serve as a foundation for future conversations. The symposium will feature three panels and a keynote discussion featuring three national reporters.

Five (5) CLE credits has been approved and will cost $25.

Transparency in the Supreme Court

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Keynote: 57th Miller Distinguished Lecture Series

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Cameras in the Courtroom and the Role of Social Media

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Separation of Powers and the Role of Congress

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The Law Review thanks its generous sponsors:

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