HeLP Legal Services Clinic Celebrates 10 Years with Reception at College of Law

Alumni, faculty and friends celebrated the 10th anniversary of the HeLP Legal Services Clinic Thursday, Sept. 14, with a reception at Georgia State Law. In its 10 years, more than 270 students from multiple professions have worked together in the clinic to address the social determinants of health for low-income families, recovering more than $1.2… more »

‘He Helped Us Find a Solution’

I was never fortunate enough to have Steve as a professor, but I know a lot of people who did — and I know, for many of them, he shaped their careers in the labor and employment field. I know many have also called upon Steve after they graduated to ask labor and employment questions, just as… more »

Placing Priority on Service to Students

Steve’s leadership has benefited students in numerous ways. Perhaps the most obvious is our beautiful law building, which would not exist without Steve’s leadership over a period of years. In designing the building, Steve was a proponent of the idea that the best floors should be for the students, which led us to put the… more »

“Never Afraid to Say Yes”

As was the case with our founding dean, Ben F. Johnson Jr., it is impossible to overstate the significance of Steve’s leadership. Dean Johnson’s job was simply stated, but not easy to achieve. Working from scratch, he had to create an accredited public education facility equally accessible to students, mostly in the Southeast, seeking full-time and… more »

Kaminshine: So Much More Than Dean

It’s difficult to define the ways in which Steven J. Kaminshine leads. Colleagues, alumni and friends clamor to add something new: •  He’s a responsive listener. •  He delegates and puts trust in the people he leads. •  He truly cares about his students, faculty and staff and their many needs. •  He’s a big-picture… more »

An Accessible, Caring Mentor

As many will attest, Steve’s leadership at Georgia State Law has been notable in many respects. What stands out for me personally is the incredible support and mentorship that he has provided to all faculty members, junior and senior. I have both been the direct beneficiary of his efforts and had the pleasure of working with him… more »

Brown Retiring, Leaving a Lasting Impression

In the mid-1990s, Vickie Brown had a meeting with former dean and faculty emerita Marjorie Girth and other administrators. It was late on a Friday with mandatory budget cuts swirling, and Brown, who was the program administrator for the Externship and Litigation Programs, expected the worst.

“Naturally, I assumed the meeting… more »

Georgia State Law Ranked No. 2 on Student Loan Hero List

Lower Tuition Combined with Higher Starting Salaries Earns College No. 2 Spot in ’20 Best Law Schools for Avoiding Six-Figure Student Debt’

Georgia State University College of Law is ranked the No. 2 best law school for those looking to minimize and repay their student loan debt, according to Student Loan Hero, an online site that helps… more »

Georgia State Law Graduates Hold Steady on February Bar Exam

Georgia State University College of Law graduates passed the February bar exam with a 70.6 rate for first-time test-takers, well ahead of the overall state rate of 53.9 percent.

“Our students earned the highest pass rate among all exam takers and the second highest among first-time test takers. They also had the highest average… more »

Segall: College Reflects Kaminshine’s Values of Putting Students First

College, Alumni and Friends Celebrate Accomplishments of Dean’s Tenure

“It takes a village to build an institution, and this is a great institution and a remarkable village,” said Eric J. Segall, Kathy and Lawrence Ashe Professor of Law at a Thursday, May 18, for a reception honoring Dean Steven J. Kaminshine for his… more »