December Graduates ‘We’re So Proud of You’

“Just because you are graduating, that doesn’t mean that our relationship is ending,” Associate Dean for Student Affairs Kelly Timmons said to the December graduates at a celebration luncheon at the Commerce Club on Dec. 15. “We can’t wait to see what you do with your hard-earned law degree. We’re so proud of you.”

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Campus Carry and the Second Amendment

Posted On April 5, 2016 by L. Lynn Hogue, professor of law emeritus

A dangerous mythology confounds the current debate over the “rights” of gun owners. Many, either out of ignorance or guile, argue that the Second Amendment confers a far broader entitlement on gun owners than is actually true.

District of Columbia v. Heller, the case that defines the current constitutional understanding of the Second… more »

William Jewell College Honors Alumnus Lynn Hogue

L. Lynn Hogue, professor of law emeritus and director of the LL.M. Program for Foreign-Trained Lawyers, will be honored on March 3 by his alma mater, William Jewell College, in Liberty, Mo. Hogue graduated in 1966 with a B.A. in English.

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What’s Wrong with Religious Freedom Restoration Acts?

When Common-Sense Protection Becomes a License to Discriminate

By Lynn Hogue, Professor of Law Emeritus

Government neutrality is at the core of the First Amendment’s Religion Clauses (the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause). Taken together, these two clauses put government on the sidelines of religious controversy. On the one hand, there can… more »

Alumnus Honors Favorite Professor

“One of the enduring pleasures of teaching, especially teaching law, is watching your former students go on to succeed and prosper. Some become highly successful in their areas of practice, others become elected officials, some become judges, and a few become friends,” says L. Lynn Hogue, professor of law emeritus about the announcement of the… more »

Hogue Co-Writes Military Text

Georgia State University College of Law professor Lynn Hogue and Emory University School of Law professor Charles Shanor have published the fourth edition of Military Law in a Nutshell (West Publishing, 2013).

The book, published in September, is a reference targeted to law students, judges, lawyers practicing military law, service members, civilians and anyone else who needs… more »

Profile: L. Lynn Hogue

Founding faculty member L. Lynn Hogue has been a favorite amongst law students for decades, for his challenging and rewarding Constitutional Law courses. He’s also a donor to the College, and has said “I don’t just work here, I believe in the place.”

Writer Michelle Hiskey has profiled Professor Hogue as part of an on-going series… more »

A Celebration of Seven Careers

As the Georgia State Law sends off the class of 2012, the school is also bidding a fond farewell to several longtime faculty members.

Professors Mark Budnitz, Anne Emanuel, Bernadette Hartfield, Lynn Hogue, Nancy Johnson, E. R. Lanier and Charles Marvin are retiring at the end of this school year. Their careers, along with the… more »

Georgia Abortion Bill Violates Privacy Rights

ATLANTA—A bill filed last week in Georgia that would make it a felony to solicit or coerce a woman to have an abortion based on the race, color or sex of a fetus or parent violates the First Amendment rights of clinics as well as women’s rights to privacy, according to Georgia State University College of Law Professor more »

Hogue Op-Ed on Obama’s First Year

ATLANTA—Georgia State University College of Law Professor L. Lynn Hogue was one of four scholars asked recently by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to share their views on what President Barack Obama must do to ensure his first term is a success.

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