Tucker on Religious Rights of Corporations

Assistant Professor of Law Anne Tucker

Huffington Post, March 20, 2014

A Bad Investment: Recognizing Religious Rights of Corporations


Business Law Prof Blog, March 21, 2014

Corporate Religious Exemptions and Personal Individual Disclosures

Speakers Address Health Care Reform

ATLANTA—With the topic of healthcare reform legislation dominating the news and permeating conversations across the country, the Center for Law, Health & Society at the Georgia State University College of Law and students in the school’s Student Health Law Association sponsored a public program in which invited speakers examined the need for reform and the proposed… more »

Scholars, Lawmakers Discuss Controversies in Stem Cell Research

When scientists announced a decade ago they had isolated human cells with the potential to become virtually any type of cell or tissue in the body, a storm of controversy followed that still rages in some circles today.

On one side are supporters who see the medical potential behind embryonic stem cell research, which may… more »

Hospitals Sweat Potential Ebola Liability | National Law Journal via @GeorgiaStateLaw 17 hours ago