Career Services Makes Networking Easier with New Program

Kick-Off Launch Noon Tuesday, Nov. 4: Learn more about the Lawcountability, J.D. Program Food provided

Networking is the most important thing in job searching,” says Ray English, associate director of the Georgia State University College of Law Career Services Office. “In fact, networking is paramount for students and recent graduates to land gainful employment.”

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Class of 2012

For the Class of 2012, Georgia State Law has detailed employment data for 175 of its 199 graduates in February 2013. The college has detailed self-reported salary information for 174 of the 175 employed graduates.

Bar Passage Rate July 2012: 95% First-time average: 89.8% February 2013: 92.3% First-time average: 81.8% Employment Reports Employment Statistics, 2012 2012 NALP… more »

Class of 2011

Of the 186 graduates in the Class of 2011, Georgia State Law has detailed employment information for 166 in February 2012. The college has detailed self-reported salary information for 126 of 166 employed graduates.

Bar Passage Rates July 2011: 93.7% First-time average: 88.9% February 2012: 95.8% First-time average: 78.9% Job Placement Nine Months Out

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Attorneys Share Wellness Tips

ATLANTA – Practicing attorneys and personal development coaches, Plamen Russev (J.D. ’03) and Jonathan Ware, return Thursday, Feb. 6, to help students master strategies to reduce stress and promote success in law school. They will meet with students to discuss practical changes students have made since the attorneys’ initial visit during fall semester and to… more »