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Yaniv Heled

Assistant Professor of Law    ,

J.S.D., Columbia University School of Law
LL.M., Columbia University School of Law
LL.B. and undergraduate diploma in biology, magna cum laude, Tel Aviv University


Intellectual Property Law
Law & Biology (Biolaw)
Pharmaceutical Law
Food & Drug Law
Law & Technology


Yaniv Heled researches and writes on legal and ethical aspects of biomedical technologies, such as biologics and biosimilars, stem cells, cloning and DNA sequencing and testing. His research has focused on the regulation of biosimilars and on regulatory competitive shelters (a.k.a. regulatory exclusivities) — an increasingly important type of government benefits afforded to developers of technology. Recent scholarship includes his article, “On Patenting Human Organisms or How the Abortion Wars Undermine Innovation,” which describes how the congressional ban on the patenting of inventions “directed to or encompassing a human organism” is not only unnecessary and misguided, but might also jeopardize technological innovation. Another article, “Introducing: Regulatory Competitive Shelters—the New Patents” (forthcoming 2015), describes and lays the groundwork for policy-making involving regulatory competitive shelters.

Heled has written articles examining the legality of the second Bush administration’s prohibition on funding of research involving stem cells, the FDA regulation of genetic aspects of donated reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs and embryos), and comparing patents and regulatory competitive shelters in the context of biological pharmaceuticals. He teaches Patent Law, Intellectual Property Survey and a seminar course on Law & Emerging Technologies, which examines the interaction of law and various cutting-edge technologies and how new technologies shape legal practice.

Prior to Georgia State Law, Heled practiced intellectual property law with Goodwin Procter LLP in New York.

Heled earned a J.S.D. from Columbia University School of Law. His doctoral dissertation focused on the regulation of novel biomedical technologies. In addition, Heled holds an LL.M. from Columbia, where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, and an LL.B. and undergraduate Diploma in Biology, magna cum laude, from Tel Aviv University.

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