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Carolyn Lambert

Director of Programs    

Carolyn Lambert is a Director of CNCR.  Lambert’s focus is on the CNCR’s Restorative Justice (RJ) Project including designing, building and implementing a regional web-based restorative justice clearinghouse, collecting and integrating RJ legislation in the US and building a web-based tool to allow easy access for users, and developing CNCR’s “What is Restorative Justice” project. She led the Conflict Resolution in Schools Program, a living laboratory examining the efficacy of teaching conflict management skills to children in the Atlanta Public Schools and continues to conduct research and gather data on legislation related to conflict management in K-12 schools.  Carolyn oversees the CNCR’s Conflict Management in Higher Education project, administering the system-wide mediation program, and providing advice and support related to conflict management to the 32 institutions of higher education in the University System of Georgia.

Carolyn is an experienced mediator, facilitator and trainer. She has facilitated group problem solving and community building sessions in the higher education, private business, and community arenas; conducted training in conflict management including mediation, negotiation, leadership, conflict management system design and dealing with difficult people; designed conflict management systems in higher education and the private sector; and, evaluated conflict management systems.

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